Kiev Day Trips & Excursions

Day Trips & Excursions
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    Chernobyl Tour From Kiev 50 Reviews | Duration: 11 Hrs

    What we offer is a result of our 18-year history of creating and developing the tour, negotiating and persuading the government institutions to bring them to the level where the co...

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    Full-Day Tour Of Chernobyl And Prypiat From Kiev 51 Reviews | Duration: 1 Days

    You are welcome to join one-full-day Chernobyl and Pripyat tour, during which you will spend maximum time inside of the Zone and see all of the possible locations. Professional and...

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    Chernihiv Day Trip From Kyiv 5 Reviews | Duration: 10 Hrs

    Chernihiv is a poem not less interesting and significant that the poemabout Kyiv. It means a long-standing grandeur and rivalry betweenChernihiv and Kyiv, Chernihiv own profound cu...

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    Yanukovych's Countryside Residence: Tour From Kyiv 3 Reviews | Duration: 4 Hrs

    Discover how far corruption can go on this 4-hour tour of oustedUkrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's former countryside residence. Located 30 minuted from Kiev,Mezhyhirya Reside...

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    One-Day Tour To Chernobyl From Kiev New on TripHobo Duration: 12 Hrs

    Chernobyl zone within a radius of 30 km is a closed object of high national importance. For you, we are ready to reveal the mysterious world of Exclusion Zone - exclusive to our of...

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    Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Base Trip From Kyiv New on TripHobo Duration: 10 Hrs

    Visit Ukraines Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Base in Pervomaisk on a 10-hour private tour that includes hotel pickup and drop-off in Kiev. Learn about Cold War-era military op...

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    Full-Day Trip To The Tunnel Of Love From Kiev 4 Reviews | Duration: 9 Hrs

    The Tunnel of Love in Klevan is definitely one of the most romantic and outstanding places not just in Ukraine, but also in the whole Europe. Tourists from all over the world seek ...

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    Day Trip To Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi From Kiev New on TripHobo Duration: 6 Hrs

    Spend a wonderful day on a private guided tour to Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, the city of museums. This small city combines all features tourists like so much: rich history, beautiful...

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    Chernobyl Private Tour From Kiev 4 Reviews | Duration: 1 Days

    A private tour is probably the best choice for those whose passion is photography. Since there is only you and your guide on the tour, there is nobody else in the sight of your cam...

  • Military Tour Of Missile Force Base From Kyiv 2 Reviews | Duration: 12 Hrs

    Intercontinental Ballistic Missile base of ICBM silo launcher Pervomaisk located in the territory of Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kirovograd districts, in the area of 7900 acres with perma...

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    Ex Nuclear Missile Base Tour From Kiev 2 Reviews | Duration: 10 Hrs

    Sit in the Command seat and experience what Soviet officers could feel during the Cold War and being in charge of nine missiles SS-22. Take an underground corridor to the massive d...

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    Customized Full-Day Tour Of Kiev By Luxury Vehicle New on TripHobo Duration: 10 Hrs

    Spend your time in Kiev with the maximum comfort and style on a private all-inclusive tour and enjoy your guides full attention during the trip. Explore the citys main attraction a...

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    Strategic Missile Forces Museum Private Day Trip From Kiev New on TripHobo Duration: 9 Hrs

    Make an informative full-day private trip from Kiev to Pervomaiskand visit Strategic Missile Forces Base Museum, a former secret military object of the Soviet period. An expert gui...

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    Zhytomir Day Trip From Kyiv New on TripHobo Duration: 7 Hrs

    Zhytomir city is located 140 km west of Kiev. It is one of the oldest cities of Ukraine and one of the 25 capitals of Ukrainian regions. Its over 1000 years old and lease the name ...

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    One-day Scheduled Tour Of Chernobyl And Pripyat From Kiev New on TripHobo Duration: 12 Hrs

    On this full-day tour from Kiev you will visit Chernobyl and learn about the tragic events that took place there. This tour is run by ambitious patriots of Ukraine who believe that...

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    Half-Day Trip To The Kievan Rus Park From Kiev 1 Reviews | Duration: 6 Hrs

    Travel back in time toancient Kiev on a day trip to the Kievan Rus Park. The architecture of the park reflects the history and culture of Kiev inthe 10th - 13thcenturies. Imagine w...

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    Private Tour Of Chassidic Grave Of Nachman Of Breslov In Uman From Kyiv New on TripHobo Duration: 7 Hrs

    Take the chance to visit the grave of Nachman of Breslov(Hebrew: ), also known asReb Nachman of Bratslav,Reb Nachman Breslover (Yiddish: ),Nachman from Uman(April 4, 1772 October...

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    Two-day Scheduled Tour Of Chernobyl And Pripyat From Kiev New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Days

    Depart Kiev and travel to the city of Chernobyl, famous as the site of the nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. Watch a film about the tragedy before arri...

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    Full-Day Private Sofievka Park In Uman Tour From Kiev 1 Reviews | Duration: 9 Hrs

    Visit a splendid Sofievka Park in Uman on a private full-day tour from Kiev. Spend a wonderful time in a charming arboretum that attracts tourists all year round. Find out a love s...

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    Two-day Group Tour To Chernobyl New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Days

    Two-day trip gives you full range tour in Chernobyl and suburbs. You have enough time to absorb the atmosphere of post - apocalyptic word. Already, after only three decades of aban...

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    Private Day Trip To Taras Shevchenko National Preserve In Kaniv From Kiev New on TripHobo Duration: 8 Hrs

    Take a fascinating private guided trip to Kaniv from Kiev and discover the most important facts about the life and work of the prominent Ukrainian poet T. Shevchenko. Visit poets b...

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    Military Tour Of Track Riding SA-13 GOPFER And Missile Base New on TripHobo Duration: 1 Days

    Enjoy the one day Combo Military Tour with Riding the Soviet time missile system 9K35 Strela 10 and visit Museum of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Base of ICBM silo launche...

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    One Day Group Tour To Chernobyl Zone Of Exclusion 1 Reviews | Duration: 12 Hrs

    Learn the story of one of the world's worst nuclear accidents on a day trip to the exclusion zone of Chernobyl from the official partner of Zone`s administration. Take unique photo...

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    Museum Of Cosmonauts In Zhytomir From Kyiv New on TripHobo Duration: 7 Hrs

    We invite You to enjoy the trip with back to the time of the foundation of the World Astronautics. You will visit the technology Museum of Cosmonauts in Zhitomir and the Memorial M...