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Rise above the ground! Hop on the Aerial tours and have a 360 degree view of the city from the top! Discover the best aerial tours in at the best prices.

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  • Rolf N 01-Aug-2016 for Ultimate Los Angeles and Celebrity Homes Helicopter Tour

    Duration: 75 minutes approx.
    Duration: 58 minutes exactly.

    But I couldn't complain about the duration, It was the perfect length Maybe change the duration about all the chopper tour'...

  • Arianna V 30-Dec-2014 for Los Angeles Sightseer's Airplane Dream

    The scenery was nice, even though we may not have gotten to see as much due to the weather. I would have liked to see much more of the coast. It was a smooth flight over all except when we got to t...

  • Glo 20-Jun-2016 for Los Angeles Deluxe Champagne Airplane Tour

    It was beautiful and fun! Definitely will recommend this to a friend!

  • Lee C 27-Jun-2016 for Los Angeles Air Tour Experience

    This tour was great. I would recommend doing this, but I think the helicopter would and #39;ve been better! I would go back and do it again.