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  • Diane R 20-Sep-2017 for Milan Gourmet Italian Food Tour

    A pastry, piece of focaccia from EATALY and salami with a glass of wine do not make a gourmet food tour. This tour paled in comparison to other food tours I have taken. It's a nice walking tour o...

  • Thomas A 25-Oct-2017 for Milan Food Walking Tour of Brera

    Clara is lovely woman and very well trained in her field. We have taken many cooking classes internationally and this one was fine. Nothing outstanding, but fine. The class takes place in her ap...

  • Kendall P 02-Jan-2018 for Private Emilia Romagna Food Tour from Milan

    If you get the driver option this tour is REALLY expensive. It was a smooth ride, and our driver was really good. But be prepared to only spend about 35 minutes at each factory. We spent just as...

  • Barbara K 25-Jun-2017 for Navigli Canal Evening Walking Tour in Milan with Wine and Food

    We really like food tours. this is a great area we would not have found on our won and we would never have been able to try so many different foods. the guide was knowledgeable and fun.