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  • Samantha N 09-Apr-2018 for Bavarian Beer and Food Evening Tour in Munich

    Awesome tour! We had so much fun visiting the different breweries and learning the history of Munich beer culture. Would highly recommend to anyone. Our tour guide Dani was fantastic!

  • Em N Roz 21-May-2018 for Munich Oktoberfest Tickets and Tour

    A MUST DO for first timers!!! Get your bearings, understand what to do and not do, listen to your guide and have fun! Our guide was a British bloke, extremely accommodating and friendly. By the tim...

  • Rebecca.wiser 31-Mar-2018 for Evening Munich Beer Tour

    Good tour and a great chance to see the city! Our guide, Angus, was a lot of fun. Wear comfortable shoes because the walk through the city is brisk.

  • Christopher R 30-Mar-2018 for Munich Beer and Brewery Tour Including Samples

    This tour was amazing!