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  • Fred B 21-Jan-2016 for Private 4x4 Desert and Wadi Safari - Wahiba and Wadi Bani Khalid

    It was a very interesting experience with lots of relevant information supplied by a very capable tour guide. Basim did an excellent job to make a long trip most interesting. His driving skills a...

  • Njomza M 10-Jun-2016 for Private 4x4 Safari of Wadi Shab - The Coastal Caravan

    The Wadi Shab is definitely a place to see, although I don't think this trip was worth the money we paid. Basically we were taken to two stops, the sink whole and the wadi shab and returned back to...

  • Gary C 10-Mar-2015 for Private 4x4 Safari - The Mountain of the Sun

    My husband really enjoyed the trip to Nizwa and the Grand Canyon. Spectacular view once we got up the mountain side.

  • Colette M 14-Oct-2013 for Private 4x4 Safari - The Green Mountain

    We had a friendly and very knowledgeable guide (the most knowledgeable of any tour we took in Muscat) who spoke great english and the 4WD was very comfortable. We had problems as the guides let you...