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Family Friendly Tours Paris

Family Friendly Tours

About Paris Family Friendly Tours

Reviews about Family Friendly Tours

  • Mooshi 05-Feb-2013 for Teen Shopping and Fashion Accessories Tour in Paris

    I sent my 2 girls (13 and 16 years) alone on this tour with the guide. She was awesome according to the girls. I think it helped that she spoke such good English. But she very quickly worked out...

  • Michael P 30-Aug-2017 for Parc Asterix Tickets

    Higher than average prices everywhere, longer queues than EuroDisney. We hit both parks on our recent stay. Where Eurodisney is international, Parc Asterix is, rightly, French. Service at refreshme...

  • John R 30-Jun-2017 for Paris Evening Quest Game on Segway

    Our family of six- parents and 4 teens- had a great time on this quest. We were ready for a break from museums and walking tours and this was great. We were given several puzzles to solve and then ...