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Explore the best Catamaran Cruises tours in Punta Cana. Offering a delightful experience, these tours are all you need to enjoy your visit to the fullest.

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  • Kari H 13-Mar-2018 for VIP Catamaran Day Trip to Saona Island

    I booked this VIP catamaran tour expecting it would provide a higher level of service than what was offered in the normal tours. However, we were packed on a boat with people who had booked normal ...

  • Ahume 19-Jan-2018 for Full-Day Punta Cana Lagoon Tour with Buggy and Catamaran

    The staff was super friendly. Lunch was delicious. You get a lot for your money!

  • Tiffany D 08-Mar-2018 for Full-Day Saona Island Catamaran Tour

    Unreliable supplier. They didn’t pick us up 2 days in a row. Catamaran tour was boring and they were stingy on the drinks. We were suppose to stop to snorkel and never did. Overall it was ver...