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Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours

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Explore the best Dolphin & Whale Watching tours in Reykjavik. Offering a delightful experience, these tours are all you need to enjoy your visit to the fullest.

Reviews about Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours

  • Redeemed_96 06-Jan-2018 for Whale Watching Tour from Reykjavik

    Only saw white-beaked dolphins, but they are in the whale family. Was able to go out twice with them since we didn't have a sighting on the first trip out. They promised to email photos to those ...

  • Phillippennant 09-Nov-2017 for Whale-Watching Tour from Reykjavik

    Amazing tour! the guide was very charismatic and informative, we saw around 15-20 dolphins in pods of around 4/5 each time, and also got treated to some very close views of Minke whales. All in a...

  • Mrav13 27-Oct-2017 for Whale Watching and Golden Circle Tour from Reykjavik

    We saw whales! Buses have wifi and are comfortable. Guide was great.

  • Nicky 23-Oct-2017 for Whale Watching Tour from Reykjavik Old Harbour

    Well organised and they tried their best to find us some whales but on this day we were unlucky. However they do give you a voucher for another trip which is good.