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  • Dianne B 18-Feb-2018 for San Francisco GoCar Tour

    This tour is a lot of fun. We had 2 cars in our group. One car had a side view mirror that would not stay in the correct position. Every time you hit a bump it would move. The second car had a gps ...

  • Vicki C 04-Dec-2017 for 5 Hour Self-Guided Tour of San Francisco in a Classic VW Bug

    This was awesome. You are the centre of attention driving this car. Everyone wanted a photo . My husband did all the driving he used to own one of this back in the day and he was awesome. We drove ...

  • Rachel C 11-Oct-2017 for 3 Hour Self-Guided Tour of San Francisco in a Classic VW Bug

    We arrived to find the place locked up. No one was there. We tried calling several times before and after our scheduled time and only got a voicemail, no one ever answered or called us back.

  • Robin L 25-Jan-2018 for San Francisco Scavenger Hunt Adventure

    Great adventure/value, however there was a hiccup in that one of the pit stops was no longer in business - Lori's Diner in Ghiradelhi Square has closed. This stop in the scavenger hunt should be re...