Sightseeing Tours In Santa Elena

Sightseeing Tours
  • Tikal Day Tour 2 Reviews | Duration: 8 Hrs

    Tikal (Tikal in modern Mayan orthography) is one of the largest archaeological sites and urban centers of the Pre-Columbian Maya civilization. It is located in the archaeological r...

  • Day Trip To Tikal From Flores 1 Reviews | Duration: 7 Hrs

    Tikal (or Tik'al, according to the modern Maya spelling) is the biggest archaeological site and ancient urban centers of pre-Columbian Maya civilization. It is located in the Peten...

  • Yaxha Day Tour: New on TripHobo Duration: 8 Hrs

    Yaxha (or Yaxh in Spanish orthography) is a Mesoamerican archaeological site in the northeast of the Petn Basin region and a former ceremonial center and city of the Pre-Columbian ...

  • Tikal Ruins Day Tour From Flores Duration: 5 Hrs

    In this tour you will see the great panoramic of Mayan Site, Tikal one of the most important Mayan Archaeological site which belong to the classic period. Let's go to see them and ...

  • Tikal Sunset, Sunrise And Day Tour In One Package Duration: 2 Days

    Tikal is a world heritage site and its a must do when in the area. Be best was to full enjoy this mysterious place is the spend as much time as possible at the site. We offer that ...

  • Tikal SUNRISE, Archeological Focus And Wildlife Spotting Tour (North And West) Duration: 10 Hrs 15 Mins

    Premium tour visiting the best spots to photograph the monuments.Guaranteed departure, we operate only with 1 guest with no extre charge.Extensive tour, Sunrise and Archaeological ...

  • Uaxactun Day Tour From Flores New on TripHobo Duration: 6 Hrs

    Learn about the Mayan culture at Uaxactun, located at the heart of the Mayan world in north-central Guatemala. Tour the archaeological site with a knowledgeable guide and discover ...

  • Ceibal Day Tour From Flores New on TripHobo Duration: 8 Hrs

    Ceibal, the largest archaeological site in the southwestern Maya Lowlands, was once a center of power for the Mayan civilization. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site on a day trip...

  • Tikal Day Tour From Flores, Petn New on TripHobo Duration: 9 Hrs

    Enjoy the beutiful site of Tikal. You will see the nature and the local people.In the site you will have a walking tour, theruins are located in the middle of the tropical jungle, ...

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