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This is a great time to explore the stunning city of Santa Monica.

Exploring Santa Monica is incomplete if you don't experience Santa Monica Private tours . Tailor-made tours, personal attention from the guide and private transfers are some of the best offering of these tours. Private tours of Santa Monica generally come with an expert guide on the subject.

Selected Private tours include meals, sometimes option, covering the best offerings of local cuisine. The city has a plethora of activities and on your visit, don't forget to explore the best things to do in Santa Monica, even if you are visiting for a short-span.

Flexible time slots are available for Private tours. Pick up from your hotel to the starting point of the tour is available for most of these tours.

Santa Monica Private tours are available in various categories like full day trip, half day trip and also round-trip in few cases. These tours are designed around your safety.

Few other tours like biking & segway tours, walking tours might also suit your travel preferences. Here's a list of the best Santa Monica Private tours.

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