Luxury & Special Occasions Tours In Sarajevo

Luxury & Special Occasions Tours
  • Mostar And Herzegovina Cities Day Tour From Sarajevo 6 Reviews | Duration: 12 Hrs

    Mostar - the city famous for the Old Bridge is for sure one of most beautiful places that you will see, but it is not all that Herzegovina has to offer. Konjic, Blagaj and Pocitelj...

  • Private Sarajevo Walking Tour 3 Reviews | Duration: 2 Hrs

    Sarajevo represents thecapital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.It is the place where different cultures meet and make Sarajevo unique multicultural center.It is the city where great empi...

  • Sarajevo Anti Free Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 3 Hrs

    If you are a fan of history, art and mysticism, this tour is what you need. We pass through Sarajevo streets dating back to the Roman Empire, learn many details from the golden Bos...

  • Sarajevo Old Town New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Hrs

    Discover the unique and rich history of Sarajevo. Find out why Sarajevo is known as the European Jerusalem and hear the story of the assassination of the Archduke of Austria that o...

  • Sarajevo Full Day Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 7 Hrs

    Visit the most important sights of Sarajevo in one day. We combined Nature, Culture, History, War and Olympics into one full day tour with licensed guide to give you full picture o...

  • Private Walking Tour Of Sarajevo New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Hrs

    If you dont wand to join crowd for a tour, but you wish something more dedicated to you this would be the perfect fit as this will be private tour for you and your friends with lic...

  • Sarajevo For Beginners New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Hrs 30 Mins

    All our tours are carefully designed to suit the wishes and are tailor-made to fit the needs of a 'beginner' in Sarajevo. After the tour you'll get a unique souvenir that will be a...

  • Saraybosna Ehir Turu New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Hrs

    Saraybosna'da 2009 ylndan beri kokartl rehber olarak hizmet vermekteyiz. ehir turumuz tarih dolu

  • Sarajevo Full Walking Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Hrs

    Being a multicultural, multireligious and multinational city, Sarajevo has a lot of beautiful and breath-taking stories to tell. This walking tour will provide you information abou...

  • Balkan Grill & Beer City Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 3 Hrs

    Balkans are famous for their grill and Sarajevo is definitely the capital of Balkans grill. Discover tasty Bosnian barbecue during 3-hours walking tour. During this tour you will v...

  • Sarajevo 1425 Days Under The Siege - War Tour 2 Reviews | Duration: 4 Hrs

    Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered a lot through its history, and the last war represents one of the hardest times. In this tour You will be told about the survival skills and more ab...

  • Splendid Bosna River Spring New on TripHobo Duration: 6 Hrs

    Feel the presence of water, lush vegetation, the cool breeze from the Igman and experience that offers every visitor an atmosphere that cannot be forgotten. In this area nature is ...

  • Mystical Sutjeska National Park New on TripHobo Duration: 8 Hrs

    The park was established in 1962 and is the largest and the earliest declared national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its declaration was based more on it being the site of histor...

  • Bike Tour Salvation Route Is A War Bike Route New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Hrs 30 Mins

    This is a new concept of biking tour in Sarajevo and this is a different way to get to the streets that are otherwise inaccessible.The Salvation Road is the network of streets that...

  • Srebrenica Genocide Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 10 Hrs

    Srebrenica lies in eastern part of Bosnia&Herzegovina, 75 kilometers from our starting point Sarajevo and 10 kilometers from serbian border.It was very quiet,peaceful place till Bo...

  • Sarajevo: Pub Crawl & Night Walking Tour. New on TripHobo Duration: 1 Hr 30 Mins

    History, Tradition and Architecture in combination with Food, Drinks and Nightlife is recipe for fun. First and only Night Walking Tour in Sarajevo that shows city from a unique pe...

  • Sarajevo Local City Tour And Discovery. Balkan Charms With Stunning History New on TripHobo Duration: 3 Hrs

    Sarajevo is a charming jewel at the hearth of Bosnia.. You will be impressed even before you land - from the airplane you will be able to gaze down at the Olympic Dinar Alp Mountai...

  • Five Days In Amazing Bosnia And Herzegovina New on TripHobo Duration: 5 Days

    Learn how to get around the narrow streets of the Old town and find out which are the main areas which host the city's cultural and nightlife. The tour includes a visit to the high...

  • Mission Impossible Walking Tour In Sarajevo New on TripHobo Duration: 3 Hrs

    Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a very beautiful city on the Miljacka River surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. Do you know that this city was in War from 1992...

  • Tunnel Of Hope Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Hrs

    Discover the role and importance of the Tunnel of Hope for the local people during the Siege of Sarajevo. The Tunnel was dug in 1993 and it was the only light in the darkness of be...

  • Saraybosna Sava Tneli New on TripHobo Duration: 4 Hrs

    Turlarmz her gn kesin kalkl. Saraybosna kuatmasn bir yerel insan tarafndan dinleyiniz. nk Saraybosna tarihin en uzun kuatmasn yaayan onurlu ehirdir..

Excellent 4.6 /5