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    'Jump' Acrobatic Show And Dinner In Seoul 6 Reviews | Duration: 4 Hrs

    Enjoy a fun night out with your family in Seoul with this dance show and dinner. Enjoy a tasty meal of bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish, followed by a performance of internation...

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    Jump Performances Duration: 4 Hrs 30 Mins

    This tour offers you a one way ticket to the mystical journey of theatres and arts. There are mime performances along with other shows and theatrics at display. All sorts of perfor...

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    Yongin MBC Dramia Tour Duration: 4 Hrs

    This tour takes you to the most ‘dramatic’ corner of Seoul - Yongin MBC Dramia. The entire structure of YonginDramia has been constructed in a way to reflect the ancien...

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    Yongin MBC Dramia Tour B Duration: 8 Hrs 30 Mins

    This tour is a travel in to the culture and literary scene of Seoul. Get to see the historic Yongin MBC Dramia which has been recreated as per the historical records. Then move on ...

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    That Winter, The Wind Blows Tour C Duration: 9 Hrs 30 Mins

    This tour takes you on a dramatic journey with a visit to Yongin MBC Dramia. Observe its distinct structure that reflects the ancient times of Seoul. Your next stop will be at Hant...

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    Jump Performances Duration: 3 Hrs

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    Nanta Performances Duration: 3 Hrs

    If you are musically inclined and like to tune into beats and sounds produced by different metals and materials, then this form of music is your goto. The Nanta performances employ...

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    K Pop Hologram Concert And B-Boy Performance Duration: 3 Hrs 30 Mins

    For all you hip hop or in general, dance and music enthusiasts, this is your go to tour. It includes a performance for you on stage with your crew on a K-pop song, the choreography...

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    Jeongdong Theater Duration: 4 Hrs

    For all you lovers of theatre and performances out there, here is your chance to relish the best performances by Bebijan-jeon in Korea! Revered as one of the most humorous performa...


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