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  • Tucson Scavenger Hunt Adventure 2 Reviews | Duration: 3 Hrs

    Turn Tucson into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure! This challenge combines the excitement of the Amazing Race with a 3-hour city walking tour. Guided from ...

  • Bike Rental On The Loop Path Duration: 3 Hrs 30 Mins

    Experience why Tucson is rated as one of the best bicycling towns in the USA with a 3 hour bike rental along the Rillito park & path. You'll have access to what locals describe...


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For a well-planned holiday, book in advance the best vacation rentals in . These rental tours include rental audio guides, segways as well as car and bikes to get around the city.

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  • Linda D 29-Jan-2017 for Tucson Scavenger Hunt Adventure

    Really fun, just didn't have time to finish before it got too late!! We wanted to be away from downtown before rush hour!!