Multi Day & Extended Tours In Ulaanbaatar

Multi Day & Extended Tours
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    Mongolia In 2 Days 1 Reviews | Duration: 2 Days

    See the most iconic scenes;Genghis Khan Statue, Gorkhi-Terelj national park,and spend a night in a Ger. One of the top experiences in Mongolia is staying in a ger. If you love the ...

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    NATURE AND CULTURE 4 DAYS TRIP New on TripHobo Duration: 4 Days

    Route:Ulaan BaatarElsen Tasarkhai sand dunesTerelj National ParkUlaan Baatar Duration:3 nights &4 Days /. 2017/ Tour Style:Jeep AdventureA 4 days adventure travelling central M...

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    Amazing Tour To Orkhon Waterfall And Tuvkhun Temple With Horse Trekking New on TripHobo Duration: 3 Days

    MUST SEE! Orkhon waterfall(also, called Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall) is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Central Mongolia. The height of the waterfall is about 20m (65 ...

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    The Best 3 Days Tour In Central Mongolia 1 Reviews | Duration: 3 Days

    The best 3 days Central Mongolia tour you will see and do as much as possible in 3 days.Karakorum & Central Mongolian travel highlights the region's fascinating history, sweepi...

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    4-Day Mongolia Gobi Desert Tour 3 Reviews | Duration: 4 Days

    Contrary to what most people think about the desert, the Mongolian Gobi desert is mostly vegetated, vast steppe, and home to a large number of camel herders. Due to its size and sp...

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    Private 3-Day Tour Of National Parks From Ulaanbaatar 2 Reviews | Duration: 3 Days

    This 3-day tour covers the most popular attractions of Mongolia and provides you with comfort and peace of mind. Book this trip to immerse yourself in Mongolian nomadic culture and...

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    8-Day Tour: Taste Of Mongolia 2 Reviews | Duration: 8 Days

    This is a gem-packed 8-day tour that allows you to explore popular attractions and experience Mongolian culture. Book this tour to create your very own unforgettable memories.

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    5 Nights Central Mongolia Highlight Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 6 Days

    You will experience beautiful scenery, fascinating historical sites and enjoy culture and fun on the way. You will be horse trekking through not only mountain steppe but also camel...

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    Overnight Semi-Gobi Tour Including Lunch And Free Camel Or Horseback Ride New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Days

    The Gobi desert is far away for a short weekend or a day's visit; therefore, this "semi-Gobi" in central Mongolia is your chance to experience desert life. Imagine a picture that c...

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    Gobi Desert In 4 Days New on TripHobo Duration: 4 Days

    Golden sand will not remember your steps once the wind blows, the footprint of the Gobi desert will stay in your heart forever. Dinosaur fossils from millions of year ago still rem...

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    Overnight Terelj National Park With Home-Stay At Nomadic Family 1 Reviews | Duration: 2 Days

    If you have very limited time to see Mongolia, this is a perfect tour for you. Terelj National park is a great place to visit because it is only a short ride away from Ulaanbaatar ...

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    Beauty Of The Gobi New on TripHobo Duration: 3 Days

    Although a lot of people think of a desert as a lot of sand, the Mongolian Gobi Desert has a lot of vegetation, along with vast steppes, and its home to a lot of camel herders. Bec...

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    Two National Parks And Chinggis Khan Statue Complex Tour At Fresh Air Mongolia New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Days

    It is true that the Khustai National Park is the home to wild horses called Przewalski horses or takhi, in Mongolian. However, it is not true Przewalski horses is the only attracti...

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    14 Day Big Loop Mongolia New on TripHobo Duration: 14 Days

    Your best tour itinerary in Mongolia. You will experience main places to visit in Mongolia including gobi. Location: Middle Gobi, South Gobi, Central Mongolia, Orkhon Valley Servic...

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    Overnight Kharkhorin Central Mongolia Tour 1 Reviews | Duration: 2 Days

    Ancient Capital Kharkhorin is the Mongolian capital at the time of Chinggis Khaans Great Mongolian Empire in the 13th century. Mongolians call this place Kharkhorin but it is also ...

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    2-Night Wilderness Golf Experience In Mongolia New on TripHobo Duration: 3 Days

    Play golf at Mongolia's 18-hole par-72 international-standard golf course, the Mt. Bogd Golf Club, on this 2-night experience in Ulaanbaatar. With a lush green setting, the acclaim...

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    4-Day Mongolia Mountain Bike Odyssey Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 4 Days

    Step back in time on this exhilarating 4-day mountain bike tour of the Khan Khenty range, covering every type of landscape from lush meadows, wooded hills, grassy river valleys and...

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    Blue Pearl 7-Night Khuvsgul Lake Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 8 Days

    Known us the Blue Pearl of the Mongolia, Khuvsgul Lake is an extraordinary lake that stretches 136km deep into the Siberian taiga. The lake and mountains that surround it from the ...

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    Alex Private Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 30 Days

    Hello .This is Alex . English speaking driver with cars. ( Toyota prius, Toyota Jeep 4wd). I can organize any of tour or create your own itinerary.Just tell us we designed only for...

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    7 Days Around Gobi Desert Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 7 Days

    7 DAYS TOUR Around Gobi Desert, Bayanzag, Tsaagan Survaga, Yol Valley

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    Magic Alex Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 7 Days

    Alex Winter tourBrief Itinerary:Winter tour st 1 Day 01: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar 3-4 star Hotel Half day city tour and dinner Day 02:Visit Sky Resort which is skiing and snowboarding...

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    Overnight Amarbayasgalant Monastery Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Days

    The complex of Amarbayasgalant Monastery was built during 1727-1736, in the honour of Under Gegeen Zanabazar, the first Bogd of Mongolia. It is situated in the cul-de-sac of a long...

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    2 Day Hustai National Park Tour Including Overnight At Ger Camp New on TripHobo Duration: 2 Days

    It is true that the Khustai National Park is the home to wild horses called Przewalski horses or "takhi" in Mongolian. However, Przewalski horses are not the only attraction of the...

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    Crystal Clear Khuvsgul Lake Tour New on TripHobo Duration: 5 Days

    CRYSTAL CLEAR KHUVSGUL LAKE 4 NIGHTS/ 5 DAYS Northern Mongolia is a main travel destination of Mongolia.The highlight of Mongolia's Northern provinces, an alpine region bordering t...