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Start your day in the heart of New York City with Mornings at MoMA. You will see the Museum's most well loved works in the company of an engaging, knowledgeable guide – all before the Museum opens!

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The only thing better than viewing the greatest collection of modern and contemporary art in the world? Doing so without the crowds. An engaging, professional art historian will guide you on your one-hour tour, so you can see the masterpieces in a quiet, peaceful setting. 

 With your dedicated guide leading the way, your tour will enjoy the Museum's world-famous collection that includes everything from Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon to Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night. And surrealist fans take note: Salvador Dalí's The Persistence of Memory also hangs here. Plus the MoMA building is a destination unto itself: a high-ceilinged, light-filled wonder designed by Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi. 

After the tour, take a breather in the peaceful Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden, filled with trees, sculptures, and a reflecting pool; enjoy any of the Museum's special exhibitions and films; and take home a special memento from the MoMA Design Store. The Museum is also home to Terrace 5, a cafe overlooking the Sculpture Garden and The Modern, a two Michelin Star fine dining establishment with a contemporary seasonal American menu.

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Inclusions for Viator VIP: Mornings At MoMA

  • One-hour VIP tour of The Museum of Modern Art

  • Same-day admission ticket to The Museum of Modern Art 

  • Admission to MoMA PS1 for up to 14 days 

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Exclusions for Viator VIP: Mornings At MoMA

  • Gratuities (optional)

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

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Additional Info

Confirmation will be received at time of booking

Food and drinks are not permitted in the Museum

Luggage, carry-on bags, and oversize backpacks are not allowed in the Museum

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All sales related to this product are final and non-refundable. In case you wish to cancel the reservation you will be charged 100% cancellation fees.

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9 reviews by the users

  • Vey knowledgeable guide, you beat all the crowds for an hour.

  • What a special day! The MoMA is such an iconic museum and home to some of the world’s best works of art. Being escorted around the empty MoMA with a very knowledgeable guide was truly an exceptional experience. The guide focused on a number of different paintings giving history and perspective without trying to rush us throughout the entire museum. It was nice to be able to actually digest the paintings and view them without being surrounded by a crowd. To stand right in front of Starry Night and actually be able to see it (normally there is a big group of people all trying to get a photo) was really special. After we were allowed to roam around as long as we liked.

  • Just as a good frame enhances a good painting, this tour perfectly frames the MoMa experience. It is so helpful to have a guide who can provide just the right bits of knowledge as you discover and rediscover art pieces throughout the museum. Walking from room to room early morning, it was pleasant and intimate. No crowds, ample picture opportunities, and answers to all the questions your heart desires!

  • Pros -Highly knowledgeable guide that adds historical context to the paintings and brings to life what the artist was attempting to achieve and the paintings’ messages -Being able to stand right up close to the paintings while the guide emphasizes key details was very unique; I have been to the MoMA several times but never had the opportunity to examine the paintings in this much detail and be made aware of the nuances and intricacies (pictures of this attached) -The small group lends itself to discussion and questions allowing for a more interactive and engaging tour -I highly appreciated being able to visit before the museum opening and take in the enormity of the rooms, paintings and tranquility; the MoMA is very special architecturally and being able to enjoy the space without the crowds is very unique (pictures of this attached) Cons -Tour felt a little random and could have been improved by focusing on a particular theme or school or art -The tour runs for one hour and wherever you are when the time is up is where the it ends and as such depending on the guide and number of questions you might not see certain very important pieces; having a bit more structure would be appreciated and this should be communicated upfront that the guide wants to get to at least certain paintings and that time is being monitored Overall takeaway -I would recommend the tour and paying the additional cost as it provides a highly unique and educational experience that would be impossible to get when one visits with general admission -For tourists with limited time this is even more of a reason as you can get a lot of the most important aspects of the MoMA done without crowds and with the benefit of highly knowledgeable guides

  • Spending weekend morning at MoMA is a great experience. The tour starts 1 hour before the museum open to public, it is so nice to get a close look at the masterpieces without the crowds. The introduction of tour is also very useful, our tour guide has explained to us about MoMA's building, how to interpret the paint, history behind them, and also how artists' worked. It's a good art history class, and I'm thinking of registering other Viator VIP events.

  • It feels really special when the museum guard opens the door to the exhibits for your small group of 7 and then closes the door behind you ensuring you will have a private, intimate experience rarely found in an NYC museum. And this tour succeeded in providing just that. I’ve been to the MoMA a number of times, fighting for a view of Starry Night or Persistence of Memory. On this tour, you got to actually step inches away from these masterpieces without anyone getting in your way or the distraction of conversations going on around you. I am not a frequent museum goer as I find that I don’t always appreciate art. Sylvia, our tour guide, was of course, extremely knowledgable about the art, which was really helpful for me, but I’d say that’s base line when you’re paying for a private tour. What made the tour special were Sylvia’s explanations as she pointed out what you should be looking for in the art, whether it was the actual objects in Severini’s Dynamic Hieroglyphic of the Bar Tabarin or the uniqueness of a curved line or shadow in Matisse’s Dance. She also really connected the pieces through time with additional visual aids on her iPad showing art that inspired specific pieces by Matisse, Picasso, and Van Gogh among others. She really set the context for the works. The only negative is that I wished it had been longer. It is a strict hour tour with the guide running off to the next tour at the end. I would have loved to be able to continue to pick her brain about the Rothko we ended near. Also, just a warning that there wasn’t much time spent on the MoMA building itself as the description suggests. So if you’re looking for more there, I would recommend you speak up and ask. Of course, she can only fit so much into 1 hour and I'm personally glad she spent it on the art.

  • It was really an amazing experience ! I could enjoy the art quietly and peacefully.

  • Great Experience

  • There is a lot to like about about this tour option. MoMA without the crowds is a fantastic experience, affording the opportunity to deeply appreciate the works on display and to move at one's own pace through the galleries. Our tour leader was friendly, engaging and knowledgable.

    However, this all followed an initially very unpleasant opening. We and all the other guests arrived to the Lauder Lobby 15 minutes early, as the voucher instructions clearly articulated. Each of us was met by the same welcome: a caustic security guard who scowled and asked us what we were doing there. When each of us said the same thing that we had arrived for the early access viator tour, she told us that the tour didn't exist, that we were in the wrong place and that we should go to the Main Lobby. When we finally asked her to call a supervisor, the guard told us that her supervisor was very busy and turned away. Ultimately, we were right - there was a tour and we were in the right place. The tour started late thanks to the guard, who even stopped the tour guide once she tried to get the tour started.

    It is fortunate that some of us were stopping other guests from leaving the area when she admonished them to do so. They would have not been there when the tour actually did start.

    Overall, it's a very good tour, but MoMA should train its staff to be aware of its planned activities, and perhaps more fundamentally, to be respectful to guests who are simply trying to partake of the opportunities it has sold to them.

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