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    I’m excited by what your site offers. Easy so far! I could easily find all the information required for planning my trip.

  • user-avatar

    "Thanks for providing this amazing tool, it's really really helpful!  The feature I liked most was the automatic planning of the days. Finding hotels were also nice but it would help better seeing them on a map to see if they are close to the centre of the town or attractions. But overall I liked planning my trip using TripHobo. Cheers!"

  • user-avatar

    It was pretty easy to use and navigate. I loved that you had pretty much every destination one could want already listed, and all I had to do was start typing out a name it there it was.

  • user-avatar

    I love the way that it shows all the different things to do in the town/city that you want to visit.  To me, I don't like to be so detailed and play by ear, depending on weather and things.  A bit too specific. overall great new site!! 

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