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TripHobo’s travel itinerary planner is your free online travel assistant to plan a trip. It bridges the gap between the conventional trip planning methods that involved guidance from travellers and experts and the present-day technology that helps create an itinerary in minutes.

What is an online trip planner?

An online trip planner is a software which helps you plan trip between two points of attraction using intelligent algorithms. Travel and transit planners use algorithms which suggest attractions, modes of transport like bus, train or air. A good travel planning software also organizes trip based on preferences and schedules by traveller.

While the conventional trip planning involved taking help of a travel agent who can suggest a trip plan and help you execute it, an online trip planner offers the liberty to arrange attractions and activities that suit your liking. 

This travel planner also helps you derive a tentative budget for your trip, along with suggesting the cheapest modes of transport and accommodations.

Online vacation planner is a tool that you can use to create itinerary as opposed to the slouchy, ready-made tour packages. It aims to aid the users to create an itinerary from scratch without having to use multiple tools and websites for end-to-end planning. This trip planner serves as a virtual assistant on the trip as well. 

How Does TripHobo Trip Planner Create an Itinerary?

It is a fabulous online trip planner that lets you create an itinerary from a trip to Europe, to a scenic road trip planner, to a route plan of NYC, TripHobo has it all!

On TripHobo, you can first create a multimodal, multicity travel plan with understanding of transit options like bus, trains, ferry flights and taxi.

Once the travel plan is created, you can also create a day-by-day itinerary with attractions, things to do, hotels and restaurants in each city.

The planner will provide you with information like public transport information, metro train routes, maps, road transit, city bus transit, walking routes. You may also optimise the routes and plan routes on maps. This very itinerary can serve as your base for light rail planner, bus route trip planner, train travel planner and metro train trip planner.

It will also provide the detailed information on ticket prices of attractions, estimated cost of transit options and travel time between each point of interest.

You can then book hotels, tours and finish your crisp trip plan. You can take a print out or access it online anytime.

Your travel itinerary gets stored in your profile. So anytime you login to TripHobo you can view your travel itinerary.

What makes TripHobo vacation planner unique?

The best thing about this trip planner is its flexibility to make a trip plan. It offers to customize your trip plan as per your budget and interest. You can include or remove the hotels, attractions etc. from the trip plans you have created.

Top features of TripHobo Trip Planner:

  • Comprehensive Trip Planning Platform

It collates the travel data and information for points of interests with appropriate user-reviews, helps organize a day-wise itinerary, book exciting activities and local tours along with appropriate accommodation. It is the best place to find all your travel data, including flights, trains and other transport and bookings.

  • Day-wise itinerary planning

This trip planner offers a comprehensive platform to plan an itinerary for each day of travel. It takes into account the various features like the transit time and the time spent in sightseeing and other activities. It suggests you great spots in the destination of your choice including the likes of points of interests, restaurants and local experiences. The planner provides crisp and accurate information for the points of interests across 80K destinations in the world.

You can create a visual trip plan with this planner for reference and use the same on-the-go for a hassle-free travel. You can explore the route offered by the trip planner throughout the itinerary in addition to the best transit options. Hence, this makes it one of the most comprehensive route planners on the web.

  • Travel Budget Planning

A crucial factor that influence the trip planning process is the budget. This vacation planner offers an excellent pricing tool that takes into account the expenses for your tentative travel template for various categories such as transport, accommodation, food, sightseeing and shopping.

While the tool automatically calculates the projected cost for a trip based on your travel modes and other bookable elements, it gives you the flexibility to add your own estimate for each category. You can also add pre-booked flights, trains and accommodation to the holiday planner along with its corresponding budget.

  • Planning a Group Travel

It is also an online travel planning tool where you can create and share travel itinerary with your travel buddies. With the group planning feature, multiple users can access a single trip plan and contribute. Users can communicate over group planning chat on the planner, give suggestions and build an epic holiday itinerary together.

  • Trip planning for dummies

For those who prefer having a brief idea or a template for their travel plan, this transit planner offers suggested trip plan feature for the dates and destinations you entered. The planner hence, takes out all the pain and effort that goes in planning a trip from start-to-end. Itineraries suggested by the travel planner, are of course, editable for customization but great to use as is. This becomes an handy trip organizer for any traveller who is looking for easy travel planning option without depending on tour operators.

Is TripHobo Trip Planner Free?

Triphobo trip planner is free to use and charges absolutely no fee for planning your trips. Why spend money on getting a perfect trip plan when TripHobo does it for free! To plan a trip plan or create your own travel map or use the existing itineraries created by travel experts, login to the website and let the trip schedule maker work its magic on you. For availing great discounts on hotel bookings, you can register with your email-id or Facebook account.

Can I plan a trip to China, Japan, Asia and popular tourist attractions?

Using this planner is one of the best ways to plan a trip to China, Japan or a scenic road-trip across USA. Being an international trip planner tool you can plan trip to any destination worldwide. Planning an international holiday to new destinations is very easy. Many a time you might not find destinations from Japan and China on other planners, TripHobo has exclusive data for these countries. 

Is TripHobo travel planner on my mobile phone?

You can also browse the trip plans on your phone through TripHobo's iOS and Android apps. It is an excellent and efficient way to plan trip on the go and refer to your travel itinerary on the journey.

How can I use TripHobo to plan a group journey?

Using this perfect tool, you can plan a group trip to anywhere in the world. Plan your trip, save it and then invite your friends to edit the trip plan. The group travel plan can be shared with multiple users simultaneously and you can choose to give edit or view access on the journey planner to your friends. The changes created in the itinerary will be visible to all the members of the group and you can also use the live chat to communicate with your friends on the planner. This will help you to plan a route for your group trip.

What are the different public transport systems that I can use on TripHobo itinerary planner?

This planner incorporates all the available transit systems in a destination. Listing out all the available public transport systems between two points and the most optimal route for your journey, you can find the optimum route between two points of interests, two cities or two countries. It gives you the updated schedule, tentative pricing for commute systems like metro, bus and rail.

For what duration can I create a trip plan for, on TripHobo?

You can create an itinerary for a duration of 70 days. This duration includes the journey time between multiple points as well as the actual time spent at the various destinations.

What is a trip cost calculator? Can I calculate budget for my trip with this planner?

A trip calculator is a tool that gives you the pricing for your holiday. This pricing is the actual, total cost of your itinerary and includes the cost of transports (including flights, local transport like trains, metros and buses), tickets and entry fees of points of interests added to the itinerary, cost of the tours and accommodation expenses.

To calculate the budget of a trip is a new feature on TripHobo, you can create a trip plan adding all the essential elements and get a quote for your trip based on your travel dates. TripHobo’s dynamic, real-time pricing offers the most accurate cost for your transit, accommodation and tickets according to your travel dates and itinerary.


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  • Dhira Chakraborty 31-Oct-2017
    Gen-next Travel Planner

    I really love how easy and detailed the interface of this vacation planner is. It's impressive how comprehensive this is. I almost felt like a digitized version of my travel planner journal - which is usually this detailed. I loved that you constantly display my budget for the entire trip duration along with travel routes and cost for ever intercity travel.

  • Marilyn 12-Oct-2017
    Great site to plan a trip and book a hotel!

    Thank you for the email. I found it simple to use and I loved the itinerary maker. I especially appreciated the time suggested for each activity and the price guide. I booked  the recommended accommodation from the site as I already use and I had been looking at that hotel the night before. I have already told my brother to have a look at it. I used the trip planner to chalk out a plan for Edinburgh, we are going to Glasgow so I will be planning a trip for that next.

  • Dilip Kumar 06-Oct-2017
    The best itinerary app in the market!

    This is the best itinerary planner app in the market . This has so many unique and easy to use features..making it clearly a must-have app. Please put more efforts and push this even further to places where other companies like Google, Apple have not been. 

  • Mandi Boudoin 04-Oct-2017
    Easy to use Travel Planner

    Travel planner that offers detailed day-wsie plan. What I love about TripHobo is that I was able to add pre-booked accommodation along with driving time and options to change it other types of transportation as per my choice. I was also able to add pre-booked accommodations. The itinerary planner also offered Driving time and the option to change it to other types of transportation. The ease of working in program was one my favorite features. I was also able to add ease popular activities and was able to add how long you plan to stay.