Anguilla Trip Planner

Know Your Trip Budget for Your Dream Vacation to Anguilla

When you think of Anguilla, the very first thought that comes to your mind is of a protective parent who takes care of his little ones. This beautiful British Overseas Territory is a part of the Eastern Carribean and is basically a group of one big island and several small islets. There is a lovely wildlife conservation site here, a destination only to immerse in history and a long stretch of sea for you to stare into the horizon for as long as your heart wishes to.

Visa Procedure

Although most nationalities are exempted from requiring a visa to enter Anguilla, you can still check on the official immigration website whether your country qualifies for the same. You can obtain a single visit or a multiple visit visa. The processing fee is minimal but it is definitely your first step in your Anguilla travel guide under the section of how to reach Anguilla. Although there is a long list of countries that require the visa, following is a list of some of them- almost all the countries of Asia and South Africa. If you hold a valid UK Visa, then you do not need an additional visa for Anguilla.

When to go                      

If you want to escape the crowd then December to Early January is the worst time to visit. The best time to visit Anguilla is from the month of March and the cheapest time to visit Anguilla starts from April through August. October to December suffers through heavy rainfall and pleasant rainfall occurs from February to August. September through October is not a very good time as most hotels shut down during this time.

Destinations to cover

There is plenty to see and plenty of things to do in Anguilla in terms of recreation. You should definitely include The Valley in your Anguilla travel guide to enjoy pristine stretches of golden sands. Another place for lovely beaches is the Sandy Ground. If you want to see Anguilla in all its glory, then even the harbours and walking opportunities at Blowing Point, Australia are in plenty. You can visit the Island Harbour, Shoal Bay Village, Long Bay Village, The Quarter and the Crocus Bay as well.

Get in and around There are two ways to get into this beautiful island. One is through the Clayton J Lloyd International airport on the edge of the Valley and does not have a lot of international flights but flying through UK is definitely an option you should opt for. Apart from this Anguilla is also connected by various ferries. There is a 25-minute run from Marigot Bay on St-Martin/Sint Maarten to Blowing Point some 4 miles southwest of the Valley every 30 to 45 minutes from 8:15am to 7pm, with return ferries operating from 7:30am to 6:15pm. You do not need to make any reservations, just simply need to make it to the ferry terminal. There is no public transport in Anguilla as such, there are only 10 taxi zones here that you can take a taxi in.

Hotels and Food

There are various hostels available in Anguilla if you are looking for budget accommodation. There are also plenty mid range accommodation options available and even though luxury options are fewer, they are all worth it with the breath taking sea views and mesmerizing resort facilities. Remember to binge on the amazing sea food at the beach side shacks to make the most of your experience.