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Auckland Trip Planner

The lavender skies and pristine beaches along with the diversity of New Zealand, Auckland is a captivating experience. Heading to this city that is a mélange no less a lifetime of alluring opportunities. Perched in the country’s North Island, Auckland lies on some of the most fertile lands in the world. A popular volcanic field holding great interests for archeologists, Auckland trip planning can be fun! Apart from top tours in Auckland make sure you also get to accommodate some quintessential experiences in your schedule, as listed below. Let us plan your perfect trip for Auckland with Auckland Trip planner.

Plan a Trip to Auckland

First and foremost, having a valid passport and visa is the principle factor to embark an Auckland sojourn. There are some nationals who are subsided from holding a visa to enter New Zealand, which include residents of New Zealand, Australia, UK or any nation having a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand. If you don’t belong to either, you will have to avail yourself a visitor visa, allowing you a holiday of up to nine months. Individuals planning solo travels can easily get an approved visa online, groups are required to submit paper applications.

There are various modes of transport you can use to get in Auckland. By air, the Auckland International Airport serve international as well as national flights, with good frequency worldwide. Alternatively, you can travel by bus, train and even a boat to get to Auckland from neighboring regions. Getting around Auckland is not a task, public and private transport facilitate a smooth Auckland exploration. If you plan to get around using public transport, get the AT HOP card for bus travels. Train, car and taxis are the other modes of transport to get around Auckland.

Auckland Trip Planning Tool

As you plan a trip to Auckland you will eventually contemplate things to do in Auckland and will be rather delighted with the number of top attractions in Auckland that you must accommodate in your schedule. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand National Maritime Museum, Sky Tower, Auckland Zoo, The StarDome Observatory and the Museum of Transport and Technology are the must-see attractions here. Apart from the mainstream attractions do not miss the adventure in Auckland.

Representing the diversity of cultures now settled in Auckland, there are numerous gastronomical delights you can indulge in here. From budget to luxury dining, there is something for everyone here. Food Alley at 9 Albert St and The Stables located in Elliott Street are brilliant is you have a thing for Asian food. SPQR Cafe and Bar, Fujisan, Burger Fuel, Finale Restaurant and Cabaret and Mexicali Fresh are some other must-visit restaurants in Auckland. If you’re looking for good bars and pubs, the do visit The Camel Bar, Cock & Bull English Pubs, Galbraiths Alehouse and the Cassette Number 9.

An ideal Auckland trip planner would encompass all the above. However, if you want an exclusive Auckland itinerary planner check out our tours.


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