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Bali trip planning can be a whole lot of fun given the vast number of things to do in Bali. The charming island that this is, Bali bestows you with bewitching sunsets, pristine beaches, beautiful wrecks and food that simply blow your mind. A typical Bali trip planner would indeed include all the top attractions in Bali, but to experience Bali beyond its attractions, you need to simply surrender to this magical island. A great base for all the adventure-packed neighboring islands, there is so much more to Bali than its mainstream attractions. And if thought this was just another honeymooners’ paradise, you might want to change your mind.

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Most countries can avail visa on arrival to Indonesia, depending on the passport type. A maximum of 30 days can be spent on a foreign visa in the surreal lands of Bali. If you happen to plan a trip to Bali bear in mind that the visa is not extendable.

To get to Bali, you will require reaching the Ngurah Rai International Airport, located between Kuta and Jimbaran. This is Indonesia’s third biggest airport, following the capital of Jakarta and Surabaya. Flight are the most frequent from South-East Asia, Australia, and the rest of Indonesia. Several international airways cater to this airport, from across the world. Alternatively, you can also get to Bali, by a good network of buses from adjoining cities. While in the city, you can get around the most common modes of transport which include- bus, taxi, bemo, self-drive car or a chauffeur-driven one, a motorbike and the best- bicycle!

Bali Trip Planning Tool

Bali bestows you with several opportunities of a myriad things to do. However, top tours in Bali in Bali typically include the must-see attractions of Tanah Lot, Seminyak, Uluwatu Temple, Ubud Monkey Forest, and Mount Batur. Apart from these and many more attractions make sure to include some offbeat and much more rejuvenating activities in your schedule like yoga, cooking classes, and of course, indulgence in the scrumptious Balinese fare.

While embarking the gastronomical adventure in Bali, bear in mind that being an Islamic country Bali has anathema towards pork dishes. Some restaurants may be very sensitive to this, in case you are not very mindful. Go ahead and relish the must-try of Bebek betutu along with Lawar, Babi guling, Sate lilit and Urutan. You can enjoy delicious meals at the many restaurants here, a good blend of fine and casual dining these restaurants are an absolute must-visit. La Lucciola, Mozaic, Mama San, Kori Restaurant & Bar and the Restaurant Locavore.

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Bali Trip Planner

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