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Bangalore Trip Planner

Bengaluru popularly known as Bangalore is a vast city of India. An ideal way to see best of Bangalore, Karnataka is by building an organized trip plan using TripHobo’s Bangalore Trip Planner. Let’s get started with creating an impeccable plan for your visit to Bengaluru.

Step 1: Planning a trip to Bangalore

First, chalk out how many days you have in hand to explore Bengaluru and decide your travel dates. By default the Bangalore trip planner will catch your home location. You can change it to your starting city from where you’ll travel to Bengaluru. The travel planner will show you transport options such as Fly, Drive, Bus, Rail etc. Ahead of it involves the cost of travel for their respective mode. Add a custom route if you have a different route in mind to visit Bengaluru. Click on details to add exact time of departure. If you are planning to fly, choose from range of flights available on that date and select it to add to your plan.  To help you pursue the trip in the best weather available, the trip planner offers you the weather, seasons and the best time to visit Bangalore, which is not a mere climate report like accuweather but also a guide on the ideal time for experiencing the city at its best!

At the bottom you can see an approximate trip cost. Add a returning city to if you only plan to visit Bengaluru city or use an ‘add city’ option to add multiple cities. Bengaluru is often combined with Ooty, Mysore and Kodaikanal. Use this trip planning tool to frame a complete Bengaluru package for your trip. Many travellers also explicitly mentioned these nearby trips from Bengaluru on Tripadvisor forum, clearly stating how the popularity of these destinations.

There are two ways TripHobo can assist you to plan your Bengaluru travel.

'Let me plan' option will guide you to create a custom trip plan and ‘Suggest trip plan’ will plan will give you a suggested well planned travel plan which you can edit later.

Step 2: Bengaluru attraction planner

Attractions in the planner are listed based on their popularity and importance. Some of the top sightseeing places in Bengalure are Lalbagh Botanical Garden, MTR, Bannergatta National Park, Vidyarthi bhavan, and Cubbon Park. You need minimum two days in hand to see the most famous attractions of Bengaluru, India.  

Step 3: Adding and making prior booking

While you customise your trip using Bangalore trip planner, you can also add hotel of your choice depending on type of accommodation you want. You can also book hotels nearer to the sights you are visiting. An already booked hotel can also be added using ‘add accommodation’ option. To frame an accurate plan, we recommend you to add hotels and exact travel medium to understand day-by-day journey plan. For the best accommodation according to budget, there are defined areas and neighbourhoods in Bangalore that have hotels belonging to a particular budget. This trip planner provides option to book hotels, homestays, resorts, hostels and Airbnb’s. You  have choice to book hotels from, Airbnb and Expedia in the planner itself.

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How using Bangalore trip planning tool will give you 360 Degree view of your trip?

Perfect route finder: This Bangalore trip planner will help you to optimize the perfect route from destination of departure to destination of arrival.

You can also read reviews of these attractions and know more about the place before adding them to your planner. The reviews and ratings of these attractions will give you a better idea about the place helping you to make a decision before adding them to the planner.

Multi-city trip: Bangalore has some breathtaking tourist cities in the neighbourhood areas. With this tool, you can also plan a multi-city trip. It's a virtual trip planner which will help you identify best route between cities enabling you to create an ideal multi-city trip.

An extended Bengaluru travel plan can include nearby cities like Mysore and Ooty. A 5 day Trip package should be enough to cover both Mysore and Ooty.  Do not forget to add, Important sights like Mysore Palace, Zoo and Brindavan Gardens while planning a trip to Mysore. In Ooty you must visit Doddabeta Peak which is highest peak of ooty. The neighbourhood of ooty offers panoramic views.

Trip Cost: You need a trip calculator to know the estimated cost of your trip. This tool will help you throughout planning process  to understand the cost of your trip so that you end up selecting those hotels, tours or transport which is in your budget.

Activities: Bangalore has multiple activities to offer that will add a tinge of thrill to your trip, some of them are Trekking/Camping, Rock Climbing, Ultimate Frisbee and Cave exploration. Look for activity details and their timings while you organize your trip. These activities are available on TripHobo. You can also refer to more reviews on Tripadvisor.

Bangalore Travel Planning Trips

Visa: First thing that strikes your mind when you’re planning a trip to any said destination is the procedure of getting in! But with Bangalore, you need a valid visa and passport. The visa which people have to apply are can either be the traditional tourist visa and e-tourist visas ( which have to be applied for electronically) for India. Passport holders of few countries can also apply for visa on arrival, you can check the forum of Indian Embassy to know about the detailed procedure of Indian visa for Bengaluru.

Arriving and roaming around city:  Once you’re in India, you can reach Bangalore by multiple way. By air, the city is connected to almost all the major cities in India. You can also get in Bangalore through railways or buses. India’s rail network is said to be very extensive. The bus network is good and affordable too.

One thing you should keep in mind is the traffic problem which the city has. Hence, in order to tackle the same, make the use of public transports. Local buses have good connectivity and metro trains will save a lot of your time. Other options to explore the this garden city is by rent a vehicle or by using auto rickshaws.

Local Cuisine: The food speciality of Bangalore is South Indian cuisine, even though there are many hotels and restaurants that serve multi cuisine delicacies. Add these restaurants while The nightlife of Bangalore is one of the best in India. Many pubs, bars and clubs in Bangalore will bring out the party animal in you.

Unique experience: Our travel experts try to bring a complete blend of Bangalore experiences to have in the city guide from communities on Tripadvisor, Quora, Airbnb, Couchsurfing and trip plans planned using our planner. You can obtain your unique experience for using this  journey planner.

Local language: The predominant language in Bangalore is Kannada (Indian regional language), but still people here understand English. The billboards and signs are in both the languages.

Safety: Bangalore is comparatively safer than other Indian cities. But make sure, that you dress modestly and respect the local customs and traditions.

Looking for a Bangalore trip planner app for your device?
You can create the best trip plan for your travel on your mobile as well. TripHobo’s platform is also available on android and iOS by the name ‘trip plans’.

We try to address frequently asked questions on some of the forums on Bangalore trip planning like tripadvisor and quora. The queries include - places to visit around Bangalore in a single day, Interesting places to visit near Bangalore for 1 day with parents, adventure activities to in Bangalore etc. Some places rank higher on Bangalore Tripadvisor, and some at different positions on other portals. To avoid the confusion, we recommend you to go through ratings and reviews and prioritise which places to visit on your trip to Bangalore. The very first thing a traveler does when travel comes to his/her mind is to go through online information available on tripadvisor travel guide, forums, reviews, TripHobo, Airbnb, Quora etc. While you take reviews and personal experiences from TripAdvisor you need a planner to convert those ideas into a perfect trip plan. There are many recommendations made by travelers on TripAdvisor on food, places, restaurants, hotels, activities etc. Embed them in our planner and get a complete trip planned for yourself. Get all the answers while you plan your trip using our custom trip planner which lets you pick sights in and around the Bangalore city.


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