Barcelona Trip Planner

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  1. Barcelona Trip Planner

    Known for its historic structures and artistic corners, Barcelona thrives to be one of the global hubs in the world. However, there is something else that sets the scene of Barcelona’s tourism all moving ahead. Thanks to the city’s crazy interest in sports, Barcelona receives a number of visitors throughout the year. Let us create your perfect trip for Barcelona with Barcelona Trip planner.

  2. Plan a Trip to Barcelona

    Your Barcelona trip planner should begin by having a look at all the best attractions and choosing out which one you would like to visit. Some of the top attractions of Barcelona are La Rambla, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Gothic Quarter, Casa Mila, and Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya amongst a list of others. Barcelona’s old streets bustle with tourists and art lovers who love to study the city’s historic architecture. Infact, one of the things to do in Barcelona is to see and admire the city seeped in rich architecture. The genius of Antoni Gaudí is strewn throughout the city marking Barcelona as one of the most sought after destinations during your Spanish travel planning.

    The city’s markets are another point of interest to be included in your itinerary. Some of the best markets in Barcelona are La Boquería, Mercat De Sant Antoni, Mercat de la Concepcio, Mercadillo De La Plaça De Sant Josep, and Fira De Santa Llucia. You ought to see these markets to collect excellent Barcelona souvenirs and other local products.

  3. Barcelona Trip Planning Tool

    Every itinerary depends upon the city’s means of transportation. Thankfully, the city has an excellent network of transport to let people easily commute form one place to another. The best means of transportation in Barcelona are taxis, Aerobus, RENFE trains, and car hire. You can include the time taken by these means of transportation to make a flawless itinerary.

    Barcelona cuisine is world known. When you plan a trip to Barcelona, make sure you visit its local eateries to know the cultural flavor of this city better. The city’s location alongside the Mediterranean Sea is the reason for its delectable and generous selection of ingredient options. Your itinerary apps can let you have an idea of eateries nearby that can serve you sumptuous food in between your excursions through the city.

    In your itinerary, you can also include a list of activities to do around Barcelona. When you are in the city, you will have plenty of opportunities for adventure such as rock climbing, sky diving, mountain bike, wake board, free jump, rafting or wild excursions. The Catalan landscape is just perfect for these activities. Your Barcelona trip planning can never be complete without indulging into these activities.

    While making a travel plan to Barcelona, make sure that you choose a time period when the crowds remain less otherwise, the expenses of your stay can go extremely high. Barcelona has a mild Mediterranean climate which renders it to be year around destination. While spring and autumn are the best, they can prove to be crowded. Off season is the best if you wish to stick to your budgets.

    Hope this trip planner offers you enough tips to make a good itinerary of Barcelona, rendering an awesome experience.