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Basel Trip Planner

This quaint Swiss perched on the northwestern part of Switzerland, is soaked in medieval glory. Popular across the world for its annual carnival, albeit drawing crowds throughout the year, Basel does not cease charming you. Making you want more of the old-world magic, this city is full of opportunities to explore the European past like none other. Engulfed by the countries of France and Germany, this Swiss town is a beautiful mélange of influenced diversity. If you are contemplating Basel trip planning, look no further as we present to you one of the most sought after Basel itinerary planner. With a good comprehension of all the facets of Basel, our Basel trip planner allows flexibility letting you plan a trip to Basel, just the way you want it.

Being a part of the Schengen countries, you need to avail a Schengen visa to explore Basel. Along with holding a valid visa, you must carry valid identity proofs and permits.

Plan a Trip to Basel

Getting to Basel, you need to arrive at the world’s only tri-national airport, the Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. Located in the French land, this airport lies just 4-kilometers from Basel. The airport is well connected by most major airlines. Currently, there are talks going about building a larger air base for Basel. Alternatively, you can also reach Basel by train, bus, tram routes of the Swiss-French border, car and even a boat, given river Rhine’s easy accessibility. Whereas getting around Basel, is concerned the best way to do so is on foot! However, there are public buses and trams available too. You can even rent a bicycle for some more fun. Indeed, transport in Basel, is not a problem.

Basel Trip Planning Tool

Things to do in Basel are plenty, given the number attractions this place, each unique, it is hard to zero in on those that can be referred to as the top attractions in Basel. Attractions can be classified into Museums, Old Town Attractions, and some natural attractions. Top tours in Basel usually include attractions like the Münster and Pfalz, Elisabethen, Marktplatz, Rathaus and the Kunstmuseum Basel. While exploring these mainstream attractions, it’s a good idea to include some offbeat attractions in your schedule too like the Basel Zoo and the Rhine river. Let us plan your perfect trip for Basel through Basel trip planner

Basel’s notable café culture is a brilliant way to get that characteristic European vibe. If you happen to be here around summer, it only gets better as you get the opportunity to devour some gorgeous cuisine at these quaint cafes lacing the cobbled streets of Basel. Mensa Universität Basel, Marktplatz and Barfüsserplatz, and Mister Wong are the must-try restaurants of Basel for their brilliant variety.

With all this and much more, you are certain to have a great time in Basel.


Basel Trip Planner

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