Christmas Island Trip Planner

Know Your Trip Budget for Your Dream Vacation to Christmas Island

Christmas Island is an Australian territory which is situated far off in the Indian Ocean. One of the most under estimated scenic destinations, Christmas Island lies in the south of Java, Indonesia. The main attraction here is a national park that covers about 135 square kilometres of the entire area. There are rainforests, waterfalls and large stretched wilderness which gives the wildest of your travel dreams a face. Its capital, Flying Fish cove is as amusing as the name. This place offers a perfect getaway for a wildlife lovers and a bird watcher, as there are plenty of native species which have made Christmas Island their home.

Visa Procedure

The citizens of United States of America and United Kingdom along with many countries of the European Union can procure an electronic visa. The processing is really fast and is around 20 pounds or 20 USD. For everyone else, they need to apply to the nearest Australian Embassy. Go to the official website and check which visa your country is eligible for. 

When to go

The best time to go to Christmas Island is definitely during November to May. December to April is supposed to be the wet season and you may be subjected to a lot of monsoons spoiling the fun of your trip entirely. Christmas Island is the most famous for its crab migration which takes place towards the end of the year, sometimes even starting in the month of January. This migration is extremely beautiful and is unique to this exotic island.

Destinations to cover

Unfortunately Christmas Island does not make it to any list of top exotic islands to visit but it definitely is one of the most off beat islands to visit. More than places to see, there are a lot of things to do in Christmas Island. Here are a couple of things that should definitely find a place in your Christmas Island travel guide. Start off easy with playing golf at the famous Christmas Island Golf Course and by chilling at any of the beaches particularly the Dolly Beach which is a favourite amongst tourists. You definitely have to witness the red crab migration and either try out snorkelling or diving in the Christmas Island Marine Park. Go fishing and do not forget to take your hiking boots as there is plenty of chance to do that.

Get in and around

If you are thinking of how to reach Christmas Island, then here are your options. There are flights that operate four times out of Perth to get to Christmas Island. Sometimes, a flight is also scheduled from Jakarta so you can always check that as well when you plan your trip. There are no regular boats or ferries that connect to Christmas Island, but various yachts and cruise ships take Flying Fish Cove as a stop off. There is no fixed way to get around this island, so asking the locals for help is the best way out. You can always rent a car or use the official pick up vans while visiting the national park.

Hotels and Food

There are no budget accommodations as such on this island and if you can, you should definitely opt for a cottage to absorb the Christmas Island experience completely. There are also luxury resorts which offer some extremely mesmerizing views. This island is famous for some amazing sea food specialties and food is also quite expensive here.