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How to plan a trip to equatorial guinea

Known for its abundance of oil production, Equatorial Guinea is surrounded by Cameroon and Gabon and is one of the most beautiful countries that make up the Sahara Region. Its flora and fauna and it’s amazing demarcation between main-lands as well as the islands is what makes it quite a great option to consider when one is planning a vacation to the western region of Africa. Even though economically the country has seen its highs of prosperity, it’s also gained an infamous name due to the corruption that the officials here are popular for. Unfortunately, the whole of Africa with its rich resources has not been able to save itself from the dark eye of the World and such instances are quite a common occurrence in countries with a flourishing abundance of resources.

Visa Procedure

During the time of the research citizens of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leona and Nigeria were being denied entry due to the outbreak of Ebola virus. The only nationals exempted from taking a trip to this country without a visa are citizens of US or of the American Samoan descent. Even so, they need to produce two visa applications, 2 passport photos and a bank statement showing that there is a minimum of 2000 USD in the account. All other nationals need to obtain a visa from the nearest Equatorial Guinea Embassy.  

When to go

The best time to visit Equatorial Guinea is definitely during the months of November to February which also marks the dry season for the country. It is advisable to avoid dark colours as they attract a lot of mosquitoes and the rest of the year experiences a tropical climate which can attract heavy rainfall at any time of the year.

Destinations to cover

There are plenty of things to do in Equatorial Guinea. The best advice is to draw out an Equatorial Guinea travel guide at the moment as the locals suggest you to so that you do not end up doing any activity which can endanger you. The three destinations that you should definitely not miss out on are the Cascades of Moca, Pico Basile and Monte Alen National Park famous for hitch hiking and for offering lovely views of the wilderness. 

Get in and around

The best answer to the question of how to reach Equatorial Guinea is through any of the two paved airports. One is Malabo and another one is Bata. Most international flights operate out of the Malabo airport and you may book a flight from here to get in or out of the country. Another way is to get in by car through Cameroon, but this way is not considered safe and in unnecessarily expensive to get in as well. To get around, you can either rent a car or travel in the mini buses. The public transport system is not very efficient. 

Hotels and Food

There are plenty of budget accommodations that you can get and also various mid-range and luxury options that are available in Equatorial Guinea.  You will get basic food for 2-3 USD and also remember to try out the African delicacies while you are here. There are plenty of mid range as well  as budget restaurants for you to eat from and the islands too offers a wide variety of accommodation options.

How much does it cost to travel to Equatorial Guinea

Plan your trip to Equatorial Guinea with an estimated budget for your travel. The average daily cost of food in Equatorial Guinea is USD 42 per person. For a family of four, the cost of eating out is USD 168. For getting around Equatorial Guinea, you will need a rough figure of USD 47 per day. For detailed Equatorial Guinea trip cost calculator, use Equatorial Guinea Trip Planner.

*Based on Food, Accommodation & Transportation

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