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Fremantle Trip Planner

Located close to Perth, Fremantle is a port city in Western Australia. Use the Fremantle trip planner to plan your next trip to Fremantle. Attractions in Fremantle include: Fremantle Prison, Army Museum of Western Australia, Fremantle Markets, Western Australia Maritime Museum, Western Australian Shipwrecks Museum and Esplanade Park.

Plan Your Trip to Fremantle, Australia

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List Of Points of Interest You Must Add To Your Fremantle Trip Planner

  1. Fremantle Prison - Educational site, speciality museum, outdoors, historical site. (Added 16686 times in Fremantle trip planner)
    Fremantle Prison opened in 1855 and is the largest convict prison building in Australia. Today, this place offers many interactive tours and exhibits.
  2. Fremantle Esplanade Reserve - Picnic spot, muse see, garden, picnic spot, family and kids, leisure. (Added 16497 times in Fremantle trip planner)
    Located opposite the Esplanade Hotel, the Fremantle Esplanade Reserve is a public reserve that offers its visitors many activities like hiking and playgrounds.
  3. Western Australian Maritime Museum - Building, points of interest, family and kids, museum. (Added 12744 times in Fremantle trip planner)
    Western Australian Maritime Museum showcases many marine vehicles and ships. This museum also offers a guided submarine tour.
  4. Fremantle Market - Souvenirs, historic market, local experience. (Added 13166 times in Fremantle trip planner)
    Fremantle Market dates back to 19th century and is operational even today. Here you will find local vendors selling food, meat, poultry, vegetables and handicraft
  5. Fremantle Fishing Harbour - Harbour, food and drinks, boating, points of interest (Added 13476 times in Fremantle trip planner)
    Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour has a wide range of local eateries, restaurants, and a brewery.
  6. Shipwreck Galleries - Museum, points of interest (Added 12174 times in Fremantle trip planner)
    Western Australian Shipwreck Galleries displays best of the maritime archaeology.
  7. Roundhouse - Oldest building, heritage, historical site (Added 9990 times in Fremantle trip planner)
    Roundhouse is the oldest building in Western Australia which was completed in 1831. This building is dodecagonal, meaning it has twelve sides.
  8. South Beach - Water sports, walking area, leisure, family and kids (Added 9990 times in Fremantle trip planner)
    South beach has a beautiful white sandy beach and is famous for its sunsets.
  9. Fremantle Arts Centre - Exhibitions, art and culture, entertainment (Added 8506 times in Fremantle trip planner)
    Located on the Ord Street Fremantle, this centre houses many art exhibitions, music courses and interactive workshops.

Day Trip from Fremantle

Fremantle is a coastal city in Western Australia and is surrounded by beautiful towns and beautiful natural landscapes. Some of the day trips that you can set out on are as below:

  • Hillarys Boat Harbour – Located at a 40 minutes’ drive from Fremantle, Hillarys Boat Harbour is a large marina that features walkways and many restaurants & cafes.
  • Kings Park - Kings Park and Botanic Garden overlooks the city of Perth and has excellent relaxation as well as recreational facilities.
  • Pinnacles – The Pinnacles Desert is home to some stunning limestone pinnacles of various colours. This desert also has shifting sand dunes.
  • Swan Valley – Swan Valley is a wine region located at a 30-minute drive from Fremantle. This place offers some great wine along with delicious food.

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5 Fremantle Travel Tips For First Time Visitors

  1. Fremantle enjoys Mediterranean-like climate which makes it an all-year-round destination though December and January are considered the best time visit Fremantle.
  2. Tipping is not mandatory, though rounding up the bill to nearest zero is customary.
  3. Always check for UV index before heading out.
  4. Fremantle has over 100 historical buildings, make sure you plan in advance the sites that you wish to cover.
  5. Australia is expensive. If you are traveling on budget, try eating at local food market.

Australian Visa:

If you wish to visit Fremantle, you would require to apply for an Australian visa. Usually, it takes up to 7 – 8 working days for visa processing. Visitors are required to fill up an application form followed by an interview at the Embassy/Consulate.

Fremantle, Australia Trip Planning Tool

TripHobo’s Fremantle trip planner will help you customize your next Australian adventure to Fremantle. As you enter your travel dates and duration in the Fremantle trip planner, the transit planner will give you a range of options on how to reach Fremantle. Choose from many flight, train and drive options. The transit planner will also suggest you various routes and the public transportation schedules.

Use the attraction planner’s “drag and drop” feature to easily add attractions to your trip plan and instantly book tours. The transit planner will also help you plan your route as you move from one place to another. Some of the must visit attractions in Fremantle are: Fremantle Arts Centre, Army Museum of Western Australia, Fremantle Markets, and WA Maritime Museum.

Fremantle Budget Calculator: The Fremantle trip planner also comes with an integrated tool that lets you manages all your trip expenditure at one place helping you keep check on your spending. Use the Fremantle trip calculator to manage your trip costs.

Fremantle Group Planner: The group planning tool helps you create a group of your friends where you can share you travel ideas. Chat with them and send multiple emails once your trip plan is ready.


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