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Grand Canyon National Park Trip Planner

Grand Canyon National Park is a designated area situated within the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona in the United States. Grand Canyon National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is approachable from all four directions. The South Rim, Grand Canyon West, Grand Canyon East, and the North Rim. Plan your trip to the Grand Canyon National Park and enjoy its sheer vastness and magnificence.

How to Plan a Grand Canyon Trip

TripHobo’s Grand Canyon National Park trip planner will help and guide you plan your ultimate American adventure trip.

Step 1

Deciding Dates and Transport: Start by entering your start city, destination city along with the travel dates and duration and the trip planner will come up with the best mode of transportation you can take to reach Grand Canyon National Park. You can choose from a number of flight options, rail options or even self-drive options. Once you have chosen your transportation, the trip planner will suggest you either a user-generated itinerary that you could follow or give you an option to make your own itinerary.

Step 2

Deciding what to see in Grand Canyon National Park: Should you choose to plan your own itinerary, you will need you make a list of the attractions you wish to visit. Use the attraction planner to drag and drop from a number of attractions, activities and tours. What’s more, you can even book tours instantly. The South Rim Grand Canyon is the most visited rim followed by the West Rim.

Some other attractions in Grand Canyon National Park are:

Step 3

Deciding where to stay in Grand Canyon: Use the Grand Canyon National Park Trip Planner to choose from a range of accommodation options available in the Grand Canyon National Park. These include park-in lodges, B&Bs, and some iconic hotels. Scan through and instantly book hotels as per your budget and pursuit. The park has a free shuttle service that connects the lodges to various restaurants, cafes, shops and visitor centres.

Trip budget planner: The trip budget planner tool will help you manage your trip expenditure. As you go on adding transportation, accommodation and tours to your trip plan, the budget calculator will show you the trip cost real time. You can also add your estimated miscellaneous costs like shopping, food and tips.

Group planning: TripHobo’s group planning feature lets you create your itinerary in a group. If travelling with your buddies or family members, add them to a group using this tool and share ideas and create a Grand Canyon National Park holiday that is made just for you.

Plan a Trip to Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon South Rim Trip Planning

Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim is the most visited and considered to be the “true Grand Canyon” by its visitors. The South Rim has many viewpoints that offer stunning views of the various attributes of the Grand Canyon. It is here that you can see the heart of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado river. The South Rim is considered to be visitor friendly as it has many lodges, restaurants, shops and visitor centres. Use the Grand Canyon National Park trip planner to book lodges and tours at the South Rim. The trip planner will also help you plan your routes, itineraries and the trip cost.  

What to see in Grand Canyon in one day

Given its vastness and the number of viewpoints, tours and attractions, it usually takes a week to do justice to the Grand Canyon National Park. Nevertheless, if you are falling short on time or just have a day, you can still visit the Grand Canyon National Park. We have listed some of the must-see places. Choose from the below places if planning to visit just for a day:

  • Enter from the South Rim and exit from the East Rim. Visit the Mather Point, Lipan Point, Desert View Watch Tower and Tusayan Museum on your way
  • Visit the Skywalk on the West Rim.
  • Explore the Grand Canyon National Park on foot. Go hiking below the rims.
  • Choose from day tours like Pink Jeep Tours, Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour from Las Vegas or Ultimate Grand Canyon Day Trip from Flagstaff
    Road trip ideas.
  • The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most famous natural wonders of the world and should not be given a miss if visiting the United States.
  • You can choose from many tours to visit Grand Canyon. This includes helicopter tours, jeep tours, and bus tours.


You can also choose to drive to the Grand Canyon National Park. Some of the scenic and adventurous road trip to Grand Canyon National Park are:

  • Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park – This 300 miles’ road trip will take you from glittering city to rugged mountains
  • California to the Grand Canyon Road Trip – Embark on this road trip and explore America’s southwest hotspots on this 700 miles’ road trip
  • Denver to Grand Canyon National Park – Discover the Old Wild West and many ruins and hot springs on this 700 miles’ road trip
  • Route 66 Road Trip from Chicago to Grand Canyon – Embark on this journey and take the iconic Route 66 to reach from Chicago to Grand Canyon National Park.

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Grand Canyon National Park Trip Planning Tool

  • Grand Canyon National Park offers a free entry to public on a few certain days of the year like the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or Presidents' Day or National Park Service Birthday. Make sure you check with the visitor centre before visiting.
  • September is considered the best time to visit Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Make use of the free shuttle buses that run inside the park to reach from one site to another.
  • Carry extra batteries and memory cards for your camera as you don’t want to miss out on capturing the grandeur of the mountains and the river.
  • Apart from hiking and driving around, you can also choose various other tours at the Grand Canyon National Park such as helicopter rides, pink jeep tours, and Canyon River Adventure tour.
  • Make sure you catch the sunrise and sunset in Grand Canyon National Park. You will see the sky lit up with the most beautiful colours.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Carry layers as the weather it quite unpredictable and can change any moment.
  • Within the Grand Canyon National Park on the South rim, you will find plenty of dining options.  There are many restaurants that serve western and south-western American cuisine. There are also many coffee houses, cafes, delis and dining rooms.


All the visitors visiting the United States require a valid visa before entering the country. The visa procedure varies according the country you are applying from. A visitor normally should fill up a non-immigrant visa application form and submit it to the US Embassy/Consulate. This is followed by an interview with the consular officer. The visa processing time is 7 working days.

Hiking Tips

Grand Canyon is a canyon situated in the state of Arizona along the Colorado river and hiking is one of the favourite activates here. Due to its challenging landscapes and weather conditions, people planning to hike along the park need to take care of a few things.

Following are a few tips that you are recommended to follow while visiting the Grand Canyon national park for hiking activities 

  • Start your day early and do not hike too far down in a day.
  • Pan ahead and book your camping ground in advance.
  • Train yourself so that you can endure longer physically. Start with work outs like cardio and stair climbing.
  • Wear season-specific appropriate clothing.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Carry oral rehydration salts with you.
  • Pack light.
  • Keep an emergency number handy.

Get Tickets

It is advisable to book your tickets to Grand Canyon National Park well in advance.

Few of the passes and permits that you can buy are:

  • Admission to the Grand Canyon National Park – This ticket is valid for 7 days and includes entry to the South Rim and the North Rim.
  • Grand Canyon National Park Vehicle Permit – This permit allows entry of a single, private vehicle.
  • Grand Canyon National Park Motorcycle Permit - This permit allows entry of a single, private motorcycle.
  • Grand Canyon National Park Individual Permit – This permit allow entry for an individual by means of foot, bicycle, or park shuttle bus.

Tickets are also available at the park at the below mentioned places:

  • North Rim Entrance Station – Accepts credit cards.
  • South Entrance Station – Accepts credit cards and cash.
  • Desert View Entrance Station – Accepts credit cards and cash.
  • If planning to camp at the park, an additional fee is charged per night.

There are a few annual recreational park passes available like: Grand Canyon National Park Annual Pass, Annual "Every Kid in a Park" 4th Grade Pass, America the Beautiful - Annual Pass, and Annual Pass for Military.


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