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How to plan a trip to guinea bissau

The buckling charm and the lush green natural asset of Guinea Bissau are the grandeur for attracting tourist from all around the world. Located in between Guinea and Senegal the country is a rare one to celebrate festivals. The Portuguese influence dilapidated colonial beauty of the city and the rich traditional flavor makes it a must inclusion in a Guinea-Bissau travel guide.

All That You Need To Know About Your Visa

Foreign nationals with a valid passport are eligible for entering the country with a single entry biometric visa valid for 90 days. There are two ways to apply for a tourist visa. One is before reaching the country that is through online electronic visa application. The other process is rather off-beat. When the tourists reach the country's international airport they can go and apply for the on arrival Guinea-Bissau visa. The travelers should keep in mind that here they require an authorized letter from the migration office before their journey to the country.

Ideal Time to Visit the Tropical Country

Being a tropical country, the coolest month of December to February is the ideal time to enjoy the ambiance and avoid using lots of sunscreen during your vacation. If you enjoy getting drenched in the rain, then July to October may seem to be the best time to visit Guinea-Bissau for you. These months are relatively called the offseason. So, you can truly get the serene and sparse feel of the place.

Spree around in Exotic Ambiance

Guinea Bissau does not have any established railway system. So, to answer your question of how to reach Guinea-Bissau and different destination of the place, there are a number of daily flights, inexpensive taxi rides, and the popular toca-toca minibuses are going to help you hop around from a place to the other. The flight tickets are not too pricey even when the demand is too high. So, you won't pinch your pocket before starting your trip.

Spend Your Leisure in Style     

There are budget to luxury all kinds of hotels and accommodations catering to the choice of the tourists. After the exhaustion of the day trips, the appealing cuisine that includes Fufu, millet Couscous, dried fish, rejuvenating green tea, Yassa and Egusi are quite refreshing for the taste buds of the tourists.

Adventure and Sightseeing All Together

The archipelagos such as Varela, Bijagoes Island, and Boe Sector are some of the unspoiled places that are considered to be the best places to visit in Guinea Bissau. During the spring months, the carnival in Bissau is worth witnessing. The local boating trips, cheap markets along with hot and spicy dishes in the local restaurants are some of the must things to do in Guinea Bissau. The tropical country is full of enthusiastic activities if one has the eye to recognize the true beauty of natural and manmade grandeurs.

The low-lying coastal region and the poverty of the citizen have not stopped the country to welcome the guests with open arms. The serenity offered by the 25 off Coast Island completes the tour to this heavenly kingdom.

How much does it cost to travel to Guinea Bissau

Plan your trip to Guinea Bissau with an estimated budget for your travel. The average daily cost of food in Guinea Bissau is USD 47 per person. For a family of four, the cost of eating out is USD 188. For getting around Guinea Bissau, you will need a rough figure of USD 59 per day. For detailed Guinea Bissau trip cost calculator, use Guinea Bissau Trip Planner.

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