How to Get Ready For a Weekend Break

  • UPDATED Jul 02, 2018

What better time to take a quick break from work and daily routine than a long weekend? These short breaks are fun, do not require a lot of preparations, and a lot of fun! Plan a travel this weekend, and we are sure you will come back refreshed. 

But are you ready to take that weekend break? Here is a checklist of all the things you need to tick off before you actually take off, or drive away! 

Confirm your Booking


A week before your travel date, make sure that you re-confirm all the travel arrangements like flight tickets, airport pick-ups, accommodation confirmations, car rental bookings, etc. This will avoid last minute confusion and will ensure a fun trip. 

Check your Vehicle

If you plan on driving to the destination, you must check for all the vitals of your vehicle. Be it mechanical readings, getting the tank full, re-checking licenses and registrations, or updating your vehicular insurance, all these checks must be done 3-4 days prior to departure. 

Decide What to Carry

Carry things

Make a list of things you would need for your trip. Pack your clothes, toiletries, accessories and make up. And do not worry, even if something is left behind, you can always buy the stuff on the road. Also, if you plan on shopping at the destination, keep some room in your bag or carry an extra bag. 

Keep the Valuable at Home

Since you won’t be gone for more than 3-4 days, try and keep all your valuable at home. See if you really need to take that diamond ring with you. Or do you really need to carry that really expensive camera lens along. 

Check out for Fun Activities to do 

fun things

Whether going with the family or going solo, you can always go online and check out for fun things to do in the city you are visiting. It could be a heritage walk, or a famous restaurant to eat at, or shopping at a particular place/street. You can also look for interesting things to do like joining a cooking class or signing up for a workshop. 

Check if all your Electrical Appliances are Turned off

Before you actually leave, make sure all your electrical appliances are turned off (expect for the ones that need to be left on, like a refrigerator). Safety always comes first. 

Get Someone to Feed your Dog or Water your Plants

Also, arrange for someone to come and water your plants or feed your pets. You can talk to your neighbours or call upon a family member who lives nearby. Do not leave them unattended for more than 24 hours.