How to Make an Itinerary with TripHobo

  • UPDATED Nov 11, 2019

1. Add a city you want to travel to and date when you want to travel.

2. You can also add multiple cities to your trip plan. If you are not sure about the dates, no problem. Simply check “Don’t know the dates” option and proceed.

3. Once you proceed, you will have cities and the number of nights for each city. Here, you can drag and drop to rearrange the cities in any order as per your preferences.

You can edit the number of nights for each city, as well as the time of your arrival and departure. You can also edit the home city and returning city here. You can skip this step with the default selection and edit it later.

4. After setting up the number of nights to your plan, you can choose the categories (the type of vacation you prefer) and the number of travelers. This step is optional. It enables you to get a more personalized recommendation for your plan.

Select the categories depending on your interest and number of people you are traveling with.

5. On the next step, you can select the various suggested modes of transportation by clicking “Add Transportation.” This step is optional, you can skip it and proceed.

a. In case of flights, you can search from a real-time flight listing and add them to your plan. In case of other modes of transport, you have to enter your travel timings manually.

b. If your transportation mode is not available in the options or you have booked already, then you can add it using the "customize" option.

6. Once transportation is sorted, you will be directed to add accommodation to your plan. Click on the 'Add Accommodation' button to search and book your stay. This step is also optional, you can skip it and simply proceed.

a. You can search and book accommodation on TripHobo itself. Click “Search Accommodation” at the bottom and the list of hotel aggregators will be provided to you on the screen.

b. Or you can add 'custom accommodation' if you are staying with friends or you do not see the accommodation you have already booked.

7. Once your accommodation is booked, search for activities like sightseeing attractions, tours, and excursions for each city using the various filters.

Click on the 'Add to Bindle' button. Bindle is your wishlist where you can add activities you plan to visit during your trip.

All the activities you selected will be shown in the Bindle under the respective city tab.

After adding the activities to the bindle, you will have an overview of your trip plan.

8. Once you add the activities in the bindle, on the next step you will have an overview of your trip plan. You will see a suggested trip plan (displayed as day wise) based on the inputs provided by you earlier.

9. If you want to edit this plan in order to customize it further, click on the "EDITABLE VIEW" tab.

Once you are in the editable view, you can rearrange the list of activities suggested by TripHobo as per your convenience. You can also add/edit/delete elements such as transportation, accommodation, lunch/dinner, etc. along with adding/deleting attractions, tours, and any custom activity if needed.

10. If you want to add restaurants in the nearby area you are staying or visiting, click on the block with “Add Your Dinner.

You will be directed to a list of places to eat at your nearby attractions.

11. After adding all the elements of the trip, you can either save your plan or save it as a draft to continue planning it later, using the "Save Plan" button at the top right corner.

12. And, if in case you want to change your cities or dates, you can do so by clicking the button “Edit Cities/Dates” at the top right corner.

To help you more, TripHobo has an important and unique feature “Budget Calculator” where it shows you the estimated cost for your trip based on your selected transportation mode, accommodation and sightseeing tours.