How to Plan a Round the World Itinerary

  • UPDATED Apr 04, 2018

Every travel enthusiast has once or the other in their life proclaimed, that once they grow old, they will retire, take all their savings and go on a trip that takes them around the world. With around the world in 80 days becoming quite a hit in literature, the idea has appealed to many people. Here is how you can go about planning a round the world itinerary: 

1. Scrutinize your bucket list completely

If you are anything like a tech savvy travel enthusiast, then you definitely have an entire travel bucket list drawn out with categories of the places to visit as per your priority. Pick your favorite destinations and then decide which ones need to be your connecting points. Like this, even if you do not end up covering the entire world, you are sure to tick off a large chunk in your bucket list. 

2. Get the best deals on commute

You can literally compromise on the accommodation and the public transport as well, but the commute to main destinations can prove to be a big challenge. You need to pick out a time where you get the cheapest of deals for travel and you can go around without burning a hole in your pocket. 

3. Use an efficient trip planner

An efficient trip planner would give you the best suggestions and help you not get carried away. While planning the trip, a lot of times, we can overestimate our potential and end up underestimating the budget as well as time. Planning with a trip planner will help you book your tickets and accommodation in one go. 

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4. Go continent wise

Instead of going country wise, you can probably zero in on all of the main continents and then go around all of them covering the main countries. This way, you can choose all of the countries you want to visit and then shortlist the cities you want to visit and voila, you have yourself a perfect roadmap to travel. 

5. Take safety in due consideration

Well, it is common sense but it is very important to not visit the countries which are having a lot of political unrest. The visa might come easy but your life’s guarantee won’t. Make sure that you visit countries which do not come with any terror warnings or racism crimes or anything that can cost you your life. Also, pay special heed to the tips and warnings section of the travel pages because you can actually learn a lot from there about the places you are about to visit. 

6. Divide your itinerary as per experience

The best part about undertaking a round the world trip is the melange of experiences that you can find. If you are somebody who sticks too tightly to their comfort zone, then it definitely is your time to go experience all the different flavors of the world. Pick a city for its nightlife, one to feed in the adrenaline junkie in you, another for simply expanding your tranquility horizon and maybe another to set as a backdrop for your next novel. With a variety of different experiences, you are sure to have a trip of a lifetime.