How to Plan a Trip to the Rainforest

  • UPDATED Jun 27, 2018

Overcast skies, tall trees, lush forest cover, and nothing but birds and animals to keep you company – seems like a scene straight out of The Jungle Book, right? That’s how it is inside tropical rainforests! Far away from the hustle-bustle of the cities, rainforests are great options to unwind and take a digital detox. Confused about how to plan a trip to the rainforest?


Plan a tour to any tropical vegetation with the help of these tips-

  1. Go through the list of rules and norms of the rainforest before you go
  2. Make sure you are travelling in the right transport option. Since it is a rainforest, chances are that the roads will be slippery and muddy, so it is very crucial to travel in the right car.
  3. Make sure you pack ample amount of refreshments for your stay because once you are inside the rainforest, even the shops to buy simplest of groceries will be located quite far out.
  4. Carry plenty of insect repellents and a well-stocked first-aid kit.
  5. Dress appropriately – wear full-sleeved clothes, jeans/hiking pants, and shoes to avoid getting insect bites or scratches.
  6. Take your own walking stick along. It will be useful while walking through the muddy paths. 
  7. Do not forget to carry your binoculars 
  8. Pack your raincoats and umbrellas because chances are, it will be raining quite frequently.
  9. If you are camping inside the forest, make sure you have your waterproof sleeping bags and other essential equipment with you
  10. Carry an extra layer of warm and protective layer of clothing to keep you dry in case you get wet.
  11. Chances, are that you won’t be having any mobile phone network inside the jungle, so make sure that you know how to contact and reach the nearest habitation in case of emergencies.