How to Plan Your Stay in Dubai

  • UPDATED Jun 26, 2018

Planning a stay in this man-made marvel, Dubai, can be quite exciting. You have a multitude of choices to zero-in from. Good thing - there is something for everyone, budget-friendly to something fancy that beckons a splurge and everything in between. Cost cutting is easily possible once you determine your points of interest from myriad attractions and highlights of Dubai. However, if you rigidly must watch your Trip Cost Calculator the following tips on how to plan your stay in Dubai can come quite handy. 

1. Determine the Best Time to Visit in Dubai


Dubai is an all year round destination per se, however, certain times of the year may especially appeal depending on personalities. The coolest months of the year in Dubai are October to January, should you have second thoughts about this desert city. January is also when the annual, much looked forward to Dubai Shopping Festival takes place.

2. Traveling Dubai on a Shoestring Budget Consider the Hotter Months

March to June see a decline in the number of visitors, thus impacting the hotel prices substantially. If you are looking for cheap places to stay in Dubai, rest assured you will find some greta properties at reasonable tariffs during this period. 

3. Old Dubai for Cheaper Hotels and a more Authentic Feel


Dubai’s a swanky city and it is evident in most of its attractions and infrastructure. However, if you want something raw and real, considering the properties in old Dubai is a good idea. These also bequeath you with the community sense prevalent in the region.

4. Zero-in on your Accommodation Preferences

Suites, world-class hotels, homestays or airbnbs are in abundance in Dubai. Some of the best and most popular places to stay in Dubai lie across the stretch of the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Road. This is a great place to stay owing to ease of accessibility and proximity to most of the things to do in Dubai. 

5. Determine your Dubai itinerary


The sights you want to see and things you want to do will fairly give you an idea of how many days you should spend in Dubai. Thus, planning a good Dubai itinerary will efficiently result in a well laid out plan of staying here.

Bearing in mind these five tips, rest assured, you will have a great stay in Dubai.