How to Quit Your Job and Go on a Road Trip

  • UPDATED Jun 25, 2018

Travelling on a long road trip can be life-changing. It can bring self-discovery, forge new friendships, help you gain patience and understanding, and create newer perspectives. You do not have to wait till you are old and are about to retire. People, more than ever before, are quitting jobs or taking sabbaticals to travel. 

Use this itinerary maker to plan your travel itinerary to an adventure that may ever end. Here are some ways to quit your job and go on a road trip. 

Prepare Yourself

Prepare Yourself

We understand that you are longing to go away for a while now. But before you take the leap, be sure you want to do this. You need to physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially prepare yourself for this trip of a lifetime (at least till you plan your next trip). Get your health check-up done to determine if you are fit to travel. Also decide if your kids and pets would be joining you on this trip.

Talk to your Supervisors

Once your decision is made, talk to your supervisor. Let him/her know of your plans. If possible, ask your employer for an extended leave or a sabbatical. If nothing works out, you can always quit your job. You never know, you may find newer passions as you travel. 

Plan your Budget


Planning everything on the money-front will ensure that you have a stress-free adventure. Decide how long will you be gone and set a budget. It only makes sense that the longer you plan to be on the road, the more money you would require. 

Plan your Route

Whether planning a point-to-point route or generally deciding the direction of travel, this step is quite important. Know that the latter approach will help you explore unknown destinations and adventures.  

Choose the Vehicle

Decide if you want to travel in a car or an RV. Also decide if you want to buy the new vehicle or rent one. If taking along your existing vehicle, get all the mechanical checks done. 



Make a list of things that you really need and only pack those. Pack lite since you would be on the road on most times. Is something gets left behind, you can always buy it along the way.  


Once you have prepared yourself for the trip, it’s time to put your plan into action. Remember to enjoy your journey. Also, do not forget to document your travel and take a lot of pictures.