How to Speed Through Airport Security

  • UPDATED Jun 06, 2018

Waiting to clear through the airport security can be frustrating. And bigger the airport, the more checkpoints. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, no one likes the inconvenience caused by longer security lines, especially during the rush-hours. 

In order to streamline the entire procedure, here are some measures that you can take.   

Fly Premium

Fly Premium

Or join the airline club. Premium and frequent fliers’ queues are less crowded. Most of the major airport have dedicated VIP or expedited security lanes for premium, business and first-class passengers. So, apart from an in-flight enhanced experience, flying premium also has its set of on-ground advantages. Build a travel itinerary around your place using travel website.

Dress Well

This is one of the most underrated airport etiquettes. Apart form looking presentable, being appropriately dressed will also help you get through security lines faster. Let’s see how. Wearing a jacket will help you keep you phone, wallet and passport in one place and quickly access it, and of course, out it back before you proceed to collect the rest of your belongings. Wear shoes that you can easily remove and put back on. 

Know the Rules


Make sure you acquaint yourself with the basic rules of airport security. Remember that the laptop must be removed from its bag and out in a case, or that if you are carrying any liquids, they must be in a clear, see-through plastic carry-on bags.

Get a TSA PreCheck (only in the US)

The TSA PreCheck is a blessing for the frequent flyers. When you sign up for a TSA PreCheck up, you can enter an expedited security lane and are subjected to reduced security measures. The TSA PreCheck flyers are not required to remove shoes, belt, light jacket or your laptop and 3-1-1 liquids from your bag while going through airport security. 

Get a Global Entry (only in the US)

Global Entry is yet another program that lets you benefit from its expedited security procedure. This program was launched by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). For a small fee, the pre-approved, low-risk travellers can skip the customs line when they arrive in the United States.