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  1. Las Vegas Trip Planner

    Entertainment capital of the world, thriving center of hospitality, fantasyland for every party lover, Las Vegas dons many hats. The city which is the largest in US State of Nevada is known to be on the top of priority list of every travel junkie. Las Vegas is not just a city, instead it is an experience. A hotshot place for witnessing a bustling night life, planning a trip to Las Vegas can be quite tedious. Thanks to the plentiful of casino-hotels, pubs, cafes and bars! Hence, if you want to plan a trip to Las Vegas, make sure you do it properly. Because, it is possible that you might miss out on some incredible attractions. Hence, it is advisable to use this great Las Vegas trip planner.

    If want to travel to Las Vegas, make sure you know the details about the visa requirements. If you’re not in the exempted list, then you have to apply for the visa by filling the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation online. For further details you should go through the official website of US Embassy.

  2. Plan a Trip to Las Vegas

    Stratosphere, Strip's bars, Aureole, Peppermill Fireside Lounge and Downtown Cocktail are some of the places in Vegas which will give you all the feels of a vacay! You can lounge in here and have a gala time. If you want to test your luck, then visit the world famous casinos and put up your best bet. The most prominent casinos in Las Vegas are Caesars Palace, Palms, Circus Circus and Gold Coast.

    In addition to this, the city also has Fountains Of Bellagio for some great photography, Fountains Of Bellagio for quick shopping and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for the much needed natural touch to your Las Vegas Trip. While these are some of the top attractions in Las Vegas, there are certain places like the Beatleshow Orchestra, Mount Charleston, Atomic Testing Museum and Golden Nugget which should definitely find a spot in your Las Vegas trip planner.

    If you want to explore Las Vegas to the fullest, you’ll require to set aside at least a week or two from your yearbook. You might not want to visit three to four casinos in a single night. Hence, it is advisable that the schedule of your Las Vegas trip shouldn’t be less than 7-10 days.

  3. Trip Planning to Las Vegas

    Apart from bringing out the party animal in you, Las Vegas can also give you some wild experiences. A centre for adult entertainment industry, the city is known for it’s fun (actually, it’s more than that!) adult shows. But what if you’re planning Vegas with your family, and want to avoid everything that is close to erotic, then you can enjoy watching magicians, hypnotists and clowns doing all the tricks.

    The city is well connected to main cities outside America by air. Also, one can reach the Las Vegas from other cities by the well connected road network.

    On the other hand, monorail and buses are fairly good options of transport to explore the city, it is advisable to rent a private car or moped, just to make the trip more impactful. There are many car and bike rental agencies operating in Las Vegas which can be useful for you!

    While when in Las Vegas, most of the tourists visit the pubs and lounges for great booze, there are restaurants which serve lip smacking delicacies. In addition, there is an usual restaurant named Heart Attack Grill which serves only unhealthy food. Do check out, once you’re in Las Vegas and find out the uniqueness of this place for yourself!

    To know more about the city and what else you can do here, go through some of the top tours in Las Vegas, designed as per your convenience.