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How to plan a trip to liberia

Liberia, in Latin, which means the country of the free, is the only self proclaimed independent country of republic of Africa. It shares its borders with Sierra Leone to the west guinea to the north and ivory cost to the east. Monrovia is its capital city. The official language of this country is English though several tribal languages are spoken because 95% population of this country is represented by tribal people. In 2014 this country was hit by Ebola badly and its aftermath is still present. Get a detailed idea about visiting Liberia with Liberia travel guide.

How to get Visa for Liberia

People who want to visit Liberia must have a letter of invitation and yellow fever vaccination before applying for visa. Visas are available for thirty days initially, but if one wants to stay for more days then that person must visit BIN in Monrovia for extension which may cost 20 USD. Multiple-entry visa for one, two and three years is also available but one must have re-entry letter approved by BIN for all the subsequent trips. Cost of three month Liberia visa is 131 USD for US citizens and cost is 100 USD for others.

When to visit Liberia                                       

Liberia is a tropical country which results high temperature and high level of humidity throughout the year. Sometimes the temperature scale hits 90 degree Fahrenheit. Traveling there in monsoon season which lasts from May to October is not a good time at all. One must keep in mind that roads here are not in good shapes. The best time to visit Liberia is from the month of November to April.

Famous destinations to cover in Liberia

Monrovia the capital city of Liberia is the must see destination for the travelers. Silver beach and Sapo National Park are also attracting to the tourists. Silver beach offers, palm-fingered refuge outside Monrovia. Sapo national park is the tropical rain forest and sole national park of Liberia. The best places to visit in Liberia are Blue lake which is a natural wonder comes within 72 km from Monrovia, providence island which is the place of early settlers of Liberia, lake Piso which is a salt water lake with open connection to the Atlantic ocean and some beaches like Atlantic ocean beach, thinkers village beach.

Getting around Liberia

Are you worried about how to reach Liberia? To roam around Liberia one has several mode of transportation. Liberia doesn’t have its own airlines though there are 50 small airfields which supports private airline transportation. Public buses and car is the best option for roaming from cities to cities in Liberia, though one must keep in mind that roads are not at all good for journey in monsoon season. Roaming in boats for long or short trip is one of the best things to do in Liberia.

Fooding and lodging in Liberia

Fufu and soup is famous Liberian food. Fruits, cakes, breads are easily available here and one can have this on the go from local street vendors. Club beer is served everywhere and local gin is also available. Palm beer is one of the famous drinks that one can have here. Best places to stay in Liberia can be found in Monrovia.

Altogether, Liberia is one of the best places to visit.

How much does it cost to travel to Liberia

Plan your trip to Liberia with an estimated budget for your travel. The average daily cost of food in Liberia is USD 53 per person. For a family of four, the cost of eating out is USD 212. For getting around Liberia, you will need a rough figure of USD 47 per day. For detailed Liberia trip cost calculator, use Liberia Trip Planner.

*Based on Food, Accommodation & Transportation

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