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Lima Trip Planner - Plan Your Trip

Use TripHobo's Lima trip planner to plan your travel to the capital city of Peru. Build an unbeatable travel plan for your Lima trip. The enchanting city amidst the clouds and mountains, need a well thought plan. Let's looks at how to plan a sound trip to Lima.

Day 1 : Suggested by Lima trip planner

  • Plaza de Armas De Lima: Park
    Added 21 times in trip plans
    Address: Centro Histórico, Distrito de Lima 15001, Peru
    Time required: 1.30hrs
  • Barranco: Walking Area, Tourist Center, Family And Kids
    Added 10.3K times in trip plans
    Address: Barranco District, Lima, Peru
    Time Required: 03:00 Hrs
  • Museo Larco: Museum, Educational Site, Family And Kids
    Added 11.9K times in trip plans
    Address: Avenida Bolivar 1515 | Pueblo Libre, Lima Lima 21, Peru
    Time Required: 02:00 Hrs
  • Shopping Center Larcomar: Tourist Center, Shopping Center, Family and kids
    Added 3.8K times in trip plans
    Address: Malecon de la Reserva 610, Miraflores No. 625-4343, Lima
    Time Required: 04:00 Hrs

Day 2 : Suggested by Lima trip planner

  • Cathedral Of Lima: Church, Religious Site, Family And Kids
    Added 7.3K times in trip plans
    Address: Jiron Carabaya, Lima 15001, Peru
    Time Required: 01:30 Hrs
  • Miraflores: Entertainment, Tourist Center, Shopping center
    Added 13.6K times in trip plans
    Address: Miraflores District, Lima, Peru
    Time Required: 05:00 Hrs
  • Huaca Pucllana: Family And Kids, Exhibition
    Added 11K times in trip plans
    Address: 8 General Borgono Cuadra, Lima 27, Peru
    Time Required: 02:30 Hrs
  • Parque de la Reserva: Park, Family And Kids, Fountain
    Added 7K times in trip plans
    Address: Petit Thouars Avenue | Corner of Jiron Madre de Dios, Lima, Peru
    Time Required: 02:00 Hrs

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Lima Trip Planning Tool

Create a multi-city trip plan using Lima travel planner: Peru has some amazing destinations to visit. Extend your travel by spending few days hiking the mountains.

Plan a budget trip to Lima: Get a real time budget of your Lima travel when you plan your trip using our planner. Add custom expenses and get an approximate cost of your trip.

Helps you find the best way to travel to Lima: Choose from the wide options such as flights, rail, bus and drive based on ticket cost and travel duration. 

Planning Lima attractions: You can pick the attractions that suit your taste and add them to your custom-made trip plan of the city.

Book your stay in Lima: With this custom trip planner, you can explore and add hotels, hostels and resorts that suit your budget.

Add experience to your trip plan: To discover the local culinary culture, you can pick authentic restaurants and add them to your plan. If you are clueless about the city and don't want to overwhelm yourself with creating a trip plan of your own, you can use the suggest feature of TripHobo and our itinerary maker will design a plan for you.  Lined up with plenty of activities and tours vacation to Lima is sorted if you have added just the right picks to your itinerary.

Look before you leap! For creating a flawless trip plan, check how millions of other travellers are doing it. Explore their trip plans, use them or alter them according to your preferences. These tours and excursions will simply help you to understand the city's essence in a better way. If you like the old school way, you can check out the very same trip plan on a map version.

Lima Trip plan app - Get trip plans on your devices: If you want to check these trip plans and carry them wherever you go, you can download the triphobo app on iOs and Android. Copy your itinerary by downloading it or print it right away. If you have anyone accompanying on your trip, share it with them on social media like facebook, twitter and Google plus.

Get, set and plan a journey with this amazing travel planner for Lima that shall leave you with plenty of memories at the end of your trip.


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