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Lisbon Trip Planner

If you ever admired the dark Gothic beauty, Lisbon, Portugal is the place you got to visit. With its dark grounds and glitzy charm this city will cast a spell on you like no other Portugal city. A favorable climate throughout the year, only makes this place a year-around destination. Its location fringing the gorgeous river Tejo amplifies the mystical charm Lisbon lures you with. Towering hills on the other side, and sloping roofs of humble abodes bestow you with an amiable skyline, that you can admire during the sunset especially. Let us plan your perfect trip for Lisbon with Lisbon Trip planner.

Plan a Trip to Lisbon

To get the mesmerizing lands of Portugal, you first require to get a Schengen visa. This makes it a bonus, if you’re planning a travel to the adjoin areas too. Lisbon trip planning gets easier once the visa is sorted.

If you are to plan a trip to Lisbon, you can get here by several modes of transport. The most preferred choice of global visitors is by air, via Portugal’s largest airport perched right in between Loures and Lisboa. Alternatively, you can get to Lisbon by railway, car, bus, boat and if you are that ambitious, by a bicycle too. Getting around Lisbon is much more interesting than you thought with its spectacular public transport, with good access to the city attractions. If you wish to skip the public transport you could go with a rented scooter, moped or motorbike, car, and walking to explore the smaller yet way more enlightening alleys of Lisbon and a ferry to venture to the Lisbon attractions in the sea.

Lisbon Trip Planning Tool

There is no dearth of things to do in Lisbon, from seeing thing to doing and buying, Lisbon is full of opportunities. Top attractions in Lisbon include Cristo Rei, Gloria Funicular, Bica Funicular, Santa Justa Elevator, Castelo de São Jorge, Museu do Teatro Romano, Ponte Vasco da Gama and the Aqueduto das Aguas Livres among a ton others. Attractions in Lisbon can be overwhelming, so have a look at our things to do in Lisbon section to choose what is the best to fit in your schedule. Our top tours in Lisbon also suggest some must-have gastronomical experiences.

You can only imagine what a Portuguese Mediterranean gastronomical experience could be like, until to visit Lisbon. Going by our Lisbon trip planner, we suggest the restaurants- Chiado, Baixa, Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, Lapa, Doca de Jardim de Tabaco and the Bairro Alto for some cherishing dining memories of Lisbon.

If you look at our Lisbon itinerary planner, you will be delighted with its flexibility and accurateness. Without further ado, check it out now!


Lisbon Trip Planner

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