London Trip Planner

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  1. London Trip Planner

    London-the city of dreams and glitter is one of the best places to visit when it comes to international tourism. The city boasts of an amazing array of attractions, sights and historical structures that inspire you to unfold their history and culture. To prepare a London Trip Planner can be a daunting task since the city is too huge to cover and to understand, geographically as well as culturally.

  2. Plan a Trip to London

    An ideal London itinerary planner begins with taking into consideration time taken at each attraction and other aspects such as ticket prices as well as expected crowds. Thus, as you plan a trip to London, make sure you shortlist your preferred attractions since an itinerary of 3 or 5 days would be too less to cover everything.

    Some of the top attractions in London are: London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, British Museum, Big Ben, Tate Modern and many others. For those who are interested in history can visit places like St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, globe Theatre and other places. The city is culturally and historically so rich that every street and corner reflects it. To facilitate your trip planning well, just observe how much time is needed to cover the distance between two attractions and the means of transport available for the same. Check out the schedule of trains as well as buses to know what time suits you the best to plan your trip.

  3. London Trip Planning Tool

    This is not to say that London is constituted mainly of structures. While roaming around the city, you will find a number of spacious parks that are picturesque as well as scenic. You should definitely pick up atleast one or two parks for your itinerary to know your city better. Some of the best parks in London are: Hyde Park, London Zoo, Regent’s Park, and many others. For shopping, some of the hotspots in London are: Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, and Harrods. Here, you will see a range of objects and brands to take back home and remember your trip. If you are resorting to some good travel app, they will also help you in finding nearby eateries that offer you sumptuous food. Try out local cuisine with the help of these fluid apps and you will see your London trip planner could not have been better than this. Moreover, if you wish to know the timings and ticket prices of various attractions, these travel apps will come handy.

    Getting a tourist visa to London is never that tough provided you should have all your documents ready with you. London is a tourist friendly city with less stringent laws on tourist visas.

    As for choosing a stay in London, you will be spoilt for choices as the city is cosmopolitan enough to accommodate every budget type and comfort. To suggest you more, there might be some attractions in the outskirts of the city that you will like to witness. For that, you can try interstate buses and trains to plan your day in London.

    This guide helps you in planning a perfect vacation to London taking into consideration all the factors that contribute to your travel plan. After all, for a city which is as huge and dynamic as London, you need a flawless platform to plan and to execute.