Macedonia Trip Planner

Know Your Trip Budget for Your Dream Vacation to Macedonia

Macedonia or the republic of Macedonia is a land-locked country and certainly an interesting place to visit. It has so many histories attached with it, yet it is new to the modern world as it just got its independence in 1991. Skopje is the capital as well as largest city of Macedonia. Before traveling, Macedonia travel guide is a good thing to look at for brief idea where you are about to go. Christianity is observed here mainly. Macedonian is the country’s official language.

Requirement of Having visa for Macedonia

Citizens of EU/EFTA countries can get in Macedonia without visa. A valid ID issued by the valid authority will do the work for them. Citizen of UK, USA, Brazil etc. are also allowed without visa. Visa-free stay last for 90 days, but citizens of turkey, Japan and Montenegro has only 60 days. A valid Macedonia visa from one of the republic of Macedonia diplomatic missions is necessary to enter Macedonia unless you are coming from the visa exempted countries. Multiple entry visas are available for Macedonia. Holders of UN travel documents do not require any visa to travel here.

Best time for exotic visit to Macedonia

Macedonia is located near northern hemisphere which leads it to have pleasant weather all around the year. It has mountainous landscape and lake regions which result cool summers to certain areas. Winters months which start from October and remain until February are very cold. Sometimes rains may start in winter too. Best time to visit Macedonia is April to October when weather remains soothing with average warm days.

Famous destination to roam around

Macedonia is the place for someone who is looking for an off the beaten path destination with a largely preserved culture. Skopje the capital city of Macedonia provides a glimpse of culture of Macedonia through stone bridge, fortress kale, museum of mother Teresa. Mavrovo another famous spot well known for protected forests and scenic beauties. Ohrid, one of the world heritage cultural and natural site, provides crystal clear lake in the backdrop of mountains. Except these, there are an enormous number of best places to visit in Macedonia like krushevo, demirkapija valley etc.

Ways to getting around Macedonia

If you think how to reach Macedonia before your trip then answer is pretty easy. Macedonia is well connected by the means of plane, train and buses. Macedonia has two main airports which houses 150 flights per week. Once you are in, the best way to roam around is by car. There is plenty of boat service too which charter around lake ohrid at cheap price.

Fooding and lodging

Fooding is pretty cheap here. If you are on tight budget then try skara places which provide grilled food at low cost. Tavcegravce is most famous traditional food as well as national dish. Rakija is a strong grape brandy that is of the best quality that you can find here. Having roof on head here is bit expensive. You may find cheap accommodation in Ohrid.

So finally, there are a lot of things to do in Macedonia and it is a good place for a short trip, where you can enjoy scenic beauty as well as enjoy cultural history.