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Melaka (also referred to a Malacca) is the oldest city in the Malaysian state of Malacca that is steeped deep in cultural traditions and illustrious history. Founded by the Sumatran Prince - Parameswara, Melaka started out as a small fishing town attracting traders from Portuguese, Middle East, South, and East Asia who have left a lasting impression of their legacy, leaving the city of Melaka with rich cultural and historic background. Given the long history of Melaka with traces of Portuguese, Danish, and the British, the city along with Georgetown was listed by the UNESCO as a World heritage site in 2008. Let us plan your perfect trip for Melaka with Melaka Trip planner.

Before you go on to plan a trip to Melaka, you need to apply for a Malaysia visa. As the procedure may take as less as 45 days to a maximum of 2 months, it is advisable to start the process as soon as possible and sort your schedule accordingly. Welcoming the tourists with their warm hospitality, Malaysia visa is fairly easy to get and for complete information on the visa, contact the respective embassies.

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Melaka is served by the Malacca International Airport that has limited international flights connecting the city with all the other major cities around the world. The best option to reach Melaka would be via Kula Lumpur. There are also daily ferries operating from Bengkalis, Dumai, and Pekanbaru till Harbour's Master Jetty. From there you can get a bus to reach the city center. While the ferries are cost effective, they take longer than the flights. To get around in Melaka, some of the transport facilities that you could use include buses, cars, taxis, and bike shares. Alternatively, you can also explore Melaka by foot or by hiring a bicycle.

Soak in the expansive history on offer by taking a trip to A'Famosa, enjoy the wonderful light and sound show on offer held in between the Sultanate Palace and the Proclamation of Independence Memorial Museum, visit the 18-th century Anglican Christ church, catch the varied range of animals and insects at the Butterfly & Reptile sanctuary, cruise along the Melaka river preferably in the nights to catch a sight of the shimmering riverbank buildings, water fountain shows, and bridges. These are some of the best things to do in Melaka and top attractions in Melaka. For details on the top tours in Melaka, you can check our tours section and almost all the important attractions in Melaka are covered in there.

Melaka Trip Planning Tool

Peranakan food is one of the increasingly popular food styles in Melaka. Owing to the huge Portuguese settlement in Melaka, you could also easily find Portuguese-Eurasian food. For some quick Malaccan food recommendations, you have Hainanese Chicken rice, Asam Pedas, Sambal Belacan, Roti John, and Ikan Bakar.

Melaka trip planning requires a visit to one of the antique shops. The historic city is known for its antique collection and it would be a crime not to fill your bags with one. Most of the streets in Melaka brim with artifacts and it is hard to strike a bargain with the vendors and the prices are also a bit on the higher side. As there is a huge possibility for the antiques to be a dummy, make sure you visit the right shop.

Make use of the Melaka trip planner and get the best out of Melaka itinerary planner to experience Melaka to the fullest.


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