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New Orleans is a city in the state of Louisiana that is situated on the banks of Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico. New Orleans is one of America’s most culturally and historically rich cities. Visitors can enjoy many events and festivals are celebrated here throughout the year along with some of the best sites & attractions, parks, golf courses, sports, and nightlife.

How to use New Orleans trip planner?

The New Orleans Trip Planner is an integrated tool that will help you plan your trip by selecting your mode of transportation, hotels, attractions and tours all at one place.

As you start planning your New Orleans trip using the New Orleans Trip Planner, you will need to enter the city you are going to start your travel in and your destination city. This will help the transit planner to come up with the best transportation option form you to take. The New Orleans transit planner will give you various flight, rail, bus or even self-drive car options to choose rom along with the duration of travel and the cost.

Once you have selected your mode of transportation, the trip planner will give you an option to either choose from a ready-made itinerary or create your own itinerary. If you choose to create your own itinerary, the next step is to add attractions to your New Orleans trip plan. Make a list of the must visit places in New Orleans and use the trip planner ‘drag-and-drop’ to add attractions to your New Orleans itinerary. The transit planner will also suggest you the best to reach along with the time taken to reach from one attraction to another.

TripHobo’s New Orleans Trip Planner will also suggest you the accommodation options in New Orleans. This will include hotels and Airbnb. Choose from a range of hotel by neighbourhood, budget, amenities or ratings. The trip planner will also help you and book your stay easily.

New Orleans has many activities and attractions to offer to every type of a traveller. Some of the top-rated attractions in New Orleans are: St. Louis Cathedral, The National WWII Museum, Jackson Square, Frenchmen Street, New Orleans City Park, Preservation Hall, Audubon Park, and Immaculate Conception Church. As you proceed with planning you itinerary, the trip planner will also help you instantly book from a range of New Orleans sightseeing tours.

The New Orleans Trip Planner comes with a unique feature that lets you plan your travel itinerary along with your travel buddies. The group planning features lets you add and chat and send email to your friends as you go along planning your New Orleans trip.

Another distinctive feature of this trip planner is the budget calculator.

New Orleans Trip Ideas

Day 1 of New Orleans Trip Planner

Jackson Square: Landmark, Square, Family and Kids
Added 32K times in trip plans
Address: 700 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States
Time Required: 01:00 Hrs
Located in the historic French Quarter neighbourhood, Jackson Square is a park that was declared a National Historic Landmark. Jackson Square includes many historical buildings, museums and apartments.

Cabildo: Museum, Family and Kids
Added 12.4K times in trip plans
Address: 701 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA 70130
Time Required: 02:00 Hrs
The Cabildo was a seat of Spanish colonial government. This elegant building which is now a museum, houses many rare artefacts of American history.

Audubon Zoo: Zoo, Family and Kids
Added 9.4K times in trip plans
Address: 6500 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA
Time Required: 03:00 Hrs
Located along the banks of Mississippi river, Audubon zoo is a place where your whole family can enjoy. The zoo houses over 2000 animals and has many open spaces and playgrounds along with a few restaurants and gift shops.

World War 2 Museum: Museum, Military Museum, Family and Kids
Added 24.7K times in trip plans
Address: 945 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70130, USA
Time Required: 03:00 Hrs
Previously known as the D-Day Museum, The World Was 2 Museum is located in the central business district of New Orleans. This military history museum showcases events from the American History along with many life size exhibits like aircrafts, weapons, tanks and uniforms.

Day 2 of New Orleans Trip Planner

Lower Garden District: Walking Area, Restaurant, Family and Kids
Added 192 times in trip plans
Address: Lower Garden District, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA
Time Required: 03:00 Hrs
Lower Garden District is a neighbourhood of New Orleans and is lined along curvy street featuring beautiful houses and vistas from the 19th century. Lower Garden District is located along the banks of Mississippi river.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1: Cemetery, Family and Kids
Added 13.8K times in trip plans
Address: 1427 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States
Time Required: 00:30 Mins
Located in the Garden District of New Orleans, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is one of the earliest and most significant above-ground burial sites and has tombs of many famous Americans.

Magazine Street: Food and Drinks, Family and Kids, Street
Added 10.4K times in trip plans
Address: Magazine St, New Orleans, LA, USA
Time Required: 03:00 Hrs
Magazine Street follows a curve along the Mississippi river and is one of the most famous streets in New Orleans. This diverse street is lined with many boutiques, galleries, and restaurants.

Voodoo Spiritual Temple: Religious Site, Temple, Family and Kids
Added 17.4K times in trip plans
Address: 1428 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States
Time Required: 00:30 Mins
The Voodoo Spiritual Temple focuses on West African spiritual and herbal healing processes and is one of a kind in New Orleans. The temple was established by Priestess Miriam and Priest Oswan Chamani in 1990.

New Orleans Museum of Art: Art Museum, Museum, Family and Kids
Added 19.6K times in trip plans
Address: One Collins C. Diboll Circle, City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana 70124
Time Required: 01:30 Hrs
Situated within the City Park, The New Orleans Museum of Art is the oldest fine arts museums in the city. The museum has over 45 galleries showcasing collections from European, African, American, Oceanic art and drawing, photography and much more.

Day 3 of New Orleans Trip Planner

Bourbon Street: Family and Kids, Streets
Added 5.5K times in trip plans
Address: Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA, USA
Time Required: 03:00 Hrs
Bourbon Street is located in the French Quarter neighbourhood of New Orleans. This street is famous for its nightlife. Enjoy many restaurants, bars, clubs, and karaoke lined along this street.

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum: Museum, Family and Kids
Added 12.5K times in trip plans
Address: 514 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States
Time Required: 01:00 Hrs
New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is a historical museum in New Orleans that showcases exhibits of early medicines and medical practices. This museum is also a favourite venue among young couples to get married.

French Market: Market, Family and Kids
Added 9.5K times in trip plans
Address: 1235 N Peters St, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States
Time Required: 01:30 Hrs
French Market is located with the French Quarter which is the oldest neighbourhood in New Orleans. The French Market has many commercial buildings. There is a flea market that is set up over the weekends where vendors sell fresh produce and seafood.

Historic New Orleans Collection: Art and Culture, Historical Site, Family and Kids
Added 15.2K times in trip plans
Address: 533 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States
Time Required: 01:30 Hrs
Historic New Orleans Collection is a museum and research centre that aims to study and preserve the history and culture of New Orleans.

Preservation Hall: Performance, Concert, Hall
Added 12.8K times in trip plans
Address: 726 St Peter St, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States
Time Required: 01:00 Hrs
The preservations hall was established in 1961 and is a live music venue for the traditional New Orleans Jazz.

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New Orleans Travel Tips

  • New Orleans is home to some of the best musical scenes in US and has some of the best venues to explore different genres of music.
  • French Quarters in New Orleans have some of the best bars in the city.
  • Temperatures can soar during summers and the climate can get very humid.
  • Standard gratuity at most restaurants is 15% to 20% of your bill while the taxi drivers should be tipped 10%–15% of the fare and hotel porters $1–$2 per bag.
  • Most hotels in the downtown region offer free Wi-Fi.
  • New Orleans is most famous for Creole and Cajun cuisines. Dishes such as red beans and rice and po'boys are a must have when visiting New Orleans.

Safety Tips to follow while visiting New Orleans

  • Do not wear expensive jewellery or carry your valuables while heading out for sightseeing. It is advisable to leave your valuable in the hotel locker.
  • Avoid walking alone at night, especially in unknown neighbourhoods.
  • Streets farther away from the city have poor lighting conditions.
  • If returning back late at night, always call for a cab to reach your hotel
  • If participation in festivals like Mardi Gras, always keep an eye on your valuables.
  • Always carry some cash and a form of ID when heading out.


Almost all the visitors visiting the United States need to obtain a valid visitor visa prior to their arrival. The visa rules and regulations along with visa fees, documentation, time required to obtain a visa differs from country to country. After filling an application form, you will be required to visit the US Embassy/Consulate to appear for an interview in front of the consular officer. Granting of a visa is always at the discretion of the Embassy.

New Orleans Events

New Orleans is one of the most happening cities in the United States when it comes to celebration events and festivals. These include sports, art, culture, entertainment and much more. Some of the most famous festivals celebrated in New Orleans are: Mardi Gras, the biggest carnival celebration in New Orleans; New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, a jazz fest along with a feast of food and crafts; French Quarter Festival, a free music festival that is held every Spring. Some other festivals in New Orleans include: Essence Festival, Satchmo Summer Festival, Southern Decadence, and Halloween.


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