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How to plan a trip to northern mariana islands

The Northern Mariana Islands are officially known as ‘commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.’ Northern Mariana Islands is an insular area and it is a commonwealth of US. Northern Mariana Islands travel guide is for everyone who wants to visit this insular island. It is made of fifteen islands in the north-western Pacific Ocean. Northern Mariana Islands are located between Japan, Palau and Philippines. Saipan is the capital of this country.  English is the official language of this country and majority of the people are Roman Catholic here.

Measure of Having Visa for Northern Mariana Islands

Northern Mariana Islands is a US commonwealth country, hence US citizens can travel here visa-free. Travelers with valid visa waiver program, Canadian citizens are also allowed for visa-free entry. Nationals who are allowed to enter US are also allowed to enter this country. For traveling Northern Mariana Islands visa is required if you are not from visa exempted country. Citizens of visa-free countries are allowed to stay here for 45 days.

Excellent Time to Visit Northern Mariana Islands

The Northern Mariana Islands exhibit tropical marine climate with moderated trade winds. Temperature variation is very little here.  in the world. Best time to visit Northern Mariana Islands is the month of May. In the month of May weather remain most soothing and temperature lies between 25-30 áµ’C. Tourists are advised to carry rain gear if they are coming here in the month of July to October when heavy rainfall occur. 

Point Of Interest in Northern Mariana Islands

The best place to visit in Northern Mariana Islands is Saipan which is capital as well as the largest city of Northern Mariana Islands. This tropical paradise offers excellent white sand beaches alongside crystal clear water and fresh air. Tinian is a neighboring island of Saipan. This island famous for its world class gaming set and historic sites. Rota nicknamed as ‘Nature's Treasure Land' is another beautiful spot to wander off in Northern Mariana Islands. Northern Mariana Islands has many world war 2 bunkers, ‘war in the Pacific park' and many other interesting places which attract tourists.

Preferable Mode of Transportation

The main international gateway to Northern Mariana Islands is Saipan through flights. There are flights from Japan, South Korea which travel to this Island. No scheduled ferry is available here. Occasionally cruise ships, yachts come here for a brief visit. The chartered plane is possibly the best answer to the question of how to reach Northern Mariana Islands. Public transportation is not very well here. So for visiting one place to another place tourists may hire taxis.

Guidance for Foodstuff and Inn in Northern Mariana Islands

In Northern Mariana Islands American and Japanese dishes are well available. Local Chamorro food is also palatable. Legal buying and drinking age of alcoholic beverages is 21 years here. Accommodation options are mainly available in Saipan.  Often heavy discounts are available in hotels during Japanese holiday’s season.

There are lots of things to do in Northern Mariana Islands as a tourist. External sports like baseball, mixed martial arts are pretty popular. Northern Mariana Islands is a quite good place to spent a small vacation.

How much does it cost to travel to Northern Mariana Islands

Plan your trip to Northern Mariana Islands with an estimated budget for your travel. The average daily cost of food in Northern Mariana Islands is USD 40 per person. For a family of four, the cost of eating out is USD 160. For getting around Northern Mariana Islands, you will need a rough figure of USD 44 per day. For detailed Northern Mariana Islands trip cost calculator, use Northern Mariana Islands Trip Planner.

*Based on Food, Accommodation & Transportation

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