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Prague Trip planner

The capital of Czech Republic, Prague exudes a certain aura that reflects through its historical monuments, old streets and a culture whose annals go back to pages of history. “The city of a Hundred Spires”, as Prague is called is known for its tourist appeal owing to Baroque buildings, medieval Astronomical Clock, and Gothic churches whose presences dominates the landscape of this city. While making a Prague trip planner, you will have to take into consideration a number of factors that can make or break tour.

Plan a Trip to Prague

An ideal itinerary planner to Prague will incorporate all the major attractions such as Charles Bridge, Prague Astronomical Clock, St. Vitus Cathedral, Josefov, Prague Castle, Petrin and many others. You will have to take a purview that Prague attractions take a lot of time to cover as you will find long ques here. Apart from visiting attractions, there are a number of things to do in Prague such as visiting its historic alleys, tasting its delectable cuisine, visiting churches and seeing locals. While the historicity of Prague overwhelms, its modern equally leaves an impression upon your mind.

Getting a visa to Prague is fairly easy as Czech Republic promotes tourism. Your tourist visa to Prague is never that tough to obtain provided you should have all your documents ready with you. The city is tourist friendly and infact locals welcome the visitors with a warm smile. Thus, plan a trip to Prague and go ahead walking through this marvelous city. Since the city has such an enormous travel appeal, choose the date for your trip carefully to avoid crowds and to enjoy. Autumn and Spring remain the best time to visit the city.

Prague Trip Planning Tool

While you are visiting Prague, you should know that taking a River cruise is a popular activity here taken to see the sights, as many Prague attractions border the river. Prague’s cuisine is as historic and well known as the city is. As you walk down the city, you can easily see a range from intimate candlelit cellar restaurants to rooftop restaurants that offer local stuffs for you to know the city better. Visiting the local markets is also another way to gain an insider’s experience of the city. Your Prague Trip Planner can never be complete without it.

Check schedules of trains and buses in Prague and you will be able to easily traverse through the city. There are express trains, buses and trams that take you from one attraction to another. The top attractions in Prague are located nearby, thus, travelling cannot pose as an issue. You can also book some Prague tours in order to skip the lines that might otherwise take a lot of time at famous attractions. Make your Prague travel itinerary in such a way that you should be able to visit all these places without missing any! This way, you will be able to see all the corners and aspects of this lovely city.

This guide offers you a fun way to explore Prague and understand the city better. Whether you are planning 3 days or 4 days’ trip to Prague, it comes handy in offering you a stupendous experience. For a city, as dense and historic as Prague, an unplanned visit can lead to travel woes and a planned trip can lead to lifetime travel memories.


Prague Trip Planner

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