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    It was very good.

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    I have found is useful that you have listed multiple airlines and train schedules so I can better plan a time frame for each destination I choose to visit. This is a unique tool I found online and really glad about it.

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    "I'm very pleased that I found your website and it's ease of use.  One of the things I feel could be improved is making more connections to hostels. As a student who is going backpacking for the first time, I will be spending most of my accommodations on hostels, not airbnb and hotels. Also, I did not like the fact that once you delete an activity, it will automatically change times for other activities on the day. Other than that, it's a very well created app."

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    "As an avid traveler, I’ve never been so excited to discover your website. It was like discovering the best tool I had been subconsciously hoping for. Unfortunately my excitement was short-lived because of not being able to plan a trip because the calendar won’t allow for a date around a year in future."