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    I like this tool. It was easy to navigate the activity by choosing, dragging, and plugging. Also had a vast selection of activities. However I have observed a small amount of lag while using it, would be an awesome tool if this is fixed.

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    I was so excited when I found your website to plan my trip. I love that I can view everything in the map which helped me decide a better location to book my hotel but I wish the map view had an option to show me all days and not just separate days and I also wish it was easier to share this with someone.

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    I liked the concept and the amount of data compiled and available to you for planning the trips. Loads of things are good but still lots to do to make it more intuitive and user friendly.

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    I just created my first trip and I really like the mobile interface. The web interface is a bit tiffy but at least I can also view my itinerary on the web, so great!