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    It's okay. Can't figure out why it wont allow me to drive further than 50 klm. Also the train estimates are way off. Good list of attractions, but doesn't know when a single attraction is listed by two names and will add both to your trip.

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    I think the platform has a few hits and few misses. The interface is great, clean and concise and it was really easy to generate a trip plan and to customize it. However, while further planning, found out there were multiple places pointing to the same place. Now I don't know if this is only for the city I was planning or this is sitewide. Also, I got no option to book flight tickets through the platform which would have been great as it would have made it everything under one platform. I liked the budget feature as well, however features like generating budget based on the car mileage would have been great. Hope you guys are thinking on these lines and hope to see a much improved planner in future which is already great.

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    It is a good application and if the UI/UX can improve, that will be even great application. Please include more modes of transportation as I did not find options for metro and trams within the city.

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    Amazing idea, but with issues. There were some loading issues -it was slow but I was still managing through. I got really annoyed when I built an itinerary and tried to change the train timings (it was putting me on a midnight train from Kyoto t Tokyo). It would not let me change the timings, that part of the schedule was completely locked. Also, I had difficulty adding my hotel which I had already booked. The planner needs work.