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    What I really required was a simple itinerary with suggestions for things to do in a particular city. Although this does the job ok, I do not want the accommodation to be added automatically to the plan. This part is really irritating.

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    "Absolutely loved Triphobo in the first few seconds of coimng across it. Wish I would've found it for our trip to Europe last year, but will be sure to use it moving forward. I found the suggestions that it generates automatically to be useful, and the customization later is also easy enough once you get the hang of it. The approximate suggestions suggested were also useful for me and the travel time between places was a treat for me. In love with Triphobo!!"

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    I’m excited by what your site offers. Easy so far! I could easily find all the information required for planning my trip.

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    "Thanks for providing this amazing tool, it's really really helpful!  The feature I liked most was the automatic planning of the days. Finding hotels were also nice but it would help better seeing them on a map to see if they are close to the centre of the town or attractions. But overall I liked planning my trip using TripHobo. Cheers!"