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    Initially I had difficulty to learn how to use it and couldn't find instructions. But once I figured it out, it was a great tool.

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    It would be better to also give some information about the distance the hotels are from the main transport hubs like Railway station, Bus stop, Airport etc. User can get an idea about which hotels can he look for, if he is reaching the destination by car or train or flight. Otherwise it is a good planner.

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    I love the idea of your website. I like a lot of things like it knows when the attractions are open/closed, it calculates time it takes to get from one place to the next, suggestions for amount of time to spend at the various attractions and likewise. However the one thing I found missing was I would like is to be able to add stops along the route driving from one city to the next.

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    I like this tool. It was easy to navigate the activity by choosing, dragging, and plugging. Also had a vast selection of activities. However I have observed a small amount of lag while using it, would be an awesome tool if this is fixed.